Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The coolest thing...

So I was sitting at the store, eating my enormous lunch (pad thai
with tofu...heavenly) and in walks Jeff with a page in hand for the page
contest.  HIS page.  Not his wife's page.  And you know
what?  It's AMAZING!  And he was so could totally
tell!  He had this HUGE smile & was SO excited...and this is
the best part...he said, "I was working on this page using my wife's
tools & they were so useful!"  Come again???  Now he knows
why she has the stuff she does & he loves it!  I
don't think I've ever heard a husband say that...well, that's not
true...Adam (the husband who did a page last month) says it all the
time.  Another cool thing he said "I got to work on my page while
my wife worked on her page together & it was so fun!"  Laurie, you are a lucky girl!

So, I would suggest that all of your husbands participate in the page
contests...maybe it'll give them a better understanding of your "tools"
& just maybe they'll be more supportive of your scrapbooking! 

And just a last minute reminder:  page contest entries with a
"luck" theme are due by Thursday, March 20th at 6 pm.  Hope to see
your pages! 

PS I tried to take Jeff's photo to put him on the blog....he
declined...I think he was embarrased...maybe I'll catch him next time
he's in.


  1. Laurie here (Jeff's LUCKY wife) Jeff says he wouldn't have minded having
    his picture taken it's just he was running late getting back to work,
    so maybe you REALLY can catch him next time!

  2. For just one mintue - ok really a millisecond - I thought you were
    talking about MY Jeff and I wondered why you didn't call the minute he
    walked out of the store!