Saturday, March 1, 2008

And the winner is....


Congratulations to Heather Kamin...our February Page Contest winner!  Here's a little detail on her page:


The Husband entry revealed:


So this great page was created by Adam Miele.  You might
remember him as the Supportive Scrapbooker Husband from here to see the post...Adam's
wife Jamie broke her elbow & couldn't scrap...she REALLY wanted to
submit an entry into the page contest but just couldn't swing it. 
So she told Adam to grab a couple of photos & make a page
himself.  She gave him no direction at all & he created this
amazing page....his first page ever


Some details to note:  he burned the paper (from a distance I
thought it was brown ink), popped up the hearts with foam dots, cut the
titles, used brads...just amazing....and he's a beginner.

I'm lucky enough to be at the Sedona Scrapbooking Retreat this weekend with my cousin, Jen, & some really great gals. 


(the balcony at the back of the house...I love the fountain grass in
the cousin says it's a weed & is banned in Phoenix...but
I LOVE the look of it!)


(just a small part of our glorious view..check out the birds in the photo...pretty cool!)

I'm loving having the opportunity to work on projects, chit chat
& eat yummy food...and the best is yet to come...we have a personal
chef for tonight that makes amazing appetizers & dinner....and
shortly there will be a massage therapist arriving to give chair
massages....$1 per minute...what a deal!  Speaking of chair
massages, I can have a therapist from Massage Envy come to All Day Crops
& do the same thing...anyone interested?  Just post a comment
or let me know....

I've added photos from this weekends scrapbook adventure to the photo
album for the previous retreat I went to...check out how cool it is here.  There
are several pages of the arrows at the bottom of the
album to check them out!  Here are a couple of pages that I've been
working on:




Now I have an admission to make:  I did not pack properly. 
I did not pre determine what I was going to work on.  I printed
some random photos at the last (and I mean last minute).  I
ran through the store & grabbed random paper.  Really, I
should have thought it through much better.  But I've been sick
& had so many things to catch up on that I thought I could throw it
together Friday morning.  How wrong I was.  I had to
borrow sandpaper & ribbon from my cousin & QuicKutz from
Jamie.  I probably would have used paint if I'd had it. 
Things could have been different.  But you know what?  I love
what I've created.  Lack of planning has forced my brain to
compensate.  And I love the results.  Sometimes it's fun to
fly by the seat of your pants! 

And before I forget, here are some of the fun things I saw this morning when Jen & I went for a walk:








Jen asked me what this store sells...I don't have a clue...never been
there...but it looks like they sell you what you want.  I
know.  Smart ass, huh?

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  1. Which restaurant has the giant shrimp billboard? We should eat there!
    How was Ravenheart coffee and did you remember the name of the t-shirt
    shop? I feel a Saturday buying trip coming on!