Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Teen Night

We're so excited to tell you that we'll be having a Teen Night for 7th & 8th graders on Saturday, March 8th from 5-10 pm
Cost is $20 & includes:  pizza & soda, candy (Deanna &
Kendall say that's a big selling point), a pj contest, and a custom project designed just for them called "The whole world revolves around ME!)
and age appropriate movies (we're thinking The Princess Diaries). 
Bridget & I consulted with our 13 year old daughters to find out
what was cool...and what was not.  I never knew I was soooo NOT
cool!  Anyway, while brainstorming the project idea my daughter
said we should call it the whole world revolves around me..."Really?" I
said (I didn't want her to think I was insulting her...with a 13 year
old you never know). Kendall's response? "duh, mom, it does revolve
around me".  Well.  I called my source at Unique Pages &
told him what I wanted and he's super excited to create these custom
books for the kids.  We'll have a sample for you to see soon,
promise!  It's going to be filled with all sorts of custom chipboard pieces....cell phones, iPods, film we're taking suggestions....let
us know what your kids are into & we'll try to incorporate
it!  Give us a call to sign your 7th & 8th graders up

Here's the stuff the parents will want to know:  The event is
supervised by myself & Bridget.  This is a fun & safe
enviornment for the kids.  The doors will be coming or
going  during the party...the food will be appropriate for the drugs...their pj's have to be appropriate....drop
off is at 5 pm (unless other arrangements are made) and pick up is at
10 pm.  We'll have parents sign a form with contact information
& who is picking them up. 

We are SO EXCITED to be hosting this Teen Night!  We hope you & your kids are, too!

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  1. I wish I had a teen to send to, and maybe a daughter I don't
    know if my boys were 13 if they would go for this anyhow. Let me change
    that to..I wish I was 13 so I could come!!!