Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Silly Me

Silly me...I didn't post that those American Crafts Albums are only
20 bucks for fabric & 28 bucks for leather (real leather) and the
free stuff?  It adds up to a little over 6 bucks.  Not bad for
free!  And those albums?  PERFECT for quick, easy projects.  PERFECT in fact for you to make a super cute, super quick Valentine tonight.  Promise!

There's still time to make your sweetie a Valentine!  Found
myself staring at the cards in Wal-mart this morning....going to take
the easy way out because I have a cold from hell....and I just couldn't
do it.  I  mean, I own a paper store.  How could I BUY my
sweet husband a card?  Well, apparantly, I can't.  So I'll
take the 5 minutes to make him one.  And while Kendall is at guitar
lessons, I'm going to pop on over to Brookside & pick him up his
favorite turtles.  BUY him a card?  I am looking at my
computer in total disbelief....I LOVE Valentine's Day...just LOVE it.
And tonight, Kendall & I are making cupcakes for the teachers at her
school.  Actually can't wait....cupcakes are the PERFECT food.  (if there were a word of the day, I think mine would be PERFECT today).  Maybe I'll bring the extras to the store for a Valentine treat!  Hmmmmm......

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