Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My morning....


Ahhhh, to be sitting back with my feet up....well, that's how I had
hoped to spend my day off yesterday (don't you just love my new
Converse?  Only $20 at Dillard's Sunday).  But my daughter had
other plans in mind for me.  She had been assigned a science fair
project a month ago.  When did she start it?  Saturday, yes,
two days before it was due.  So yesterday we spent 6 hours at the
store creating her display board....13 year olds move slow...
thought it was all done & this morning at 7:02 am...we leave at
7:10...she started freaking out because she didn't do an entire part of
her project.   All I gotta say is crap.  We scrambled
& got it put together but...just but.  I hope she's learned a
lesson from this.  I know I have.

The Fed-Ex dude just came by with 13 boxes of We R Memory Keepers
albums & I'd better run...I'll be posting more
asap...I have lots & lots to tell you about!

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