Thursday, February 21, 2008

February Page Contest Entries


(click on the mosaic to make it bigger & see all the pages)

Alrighty, here are the February Page Contest entries...sorry for the
delay...I got wrapped up in the snow day schedule....slept in....and
then someone came in to vote.  Oops!  They got to vote...the
pages are up...and I have to say, one entry is by a husband.  I'm
not saying who, but when I asked the manufacturer rep who is up here
with me today which page was done by the husband, she couldn't
tell.  How cool is that!  So, good luck to you all! 
Voting is today through February must vote in the store...the
pages in the mosaic are in no particular order...each entry is
STUNNING!  Thank you! 

PS My rep said the pages were so good she's going to get us some product donated from a manufacturer for the winner :)

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