Saturday, February 9, 2008

Bye-Bye Red Wall...

Say goodbye to the red wall (very sad for me, I loved it)....and the
register will be Tuesday morning the store will look
totally different....not all the moves but we're headed in the right


Some Sherry inspiration....


And look at these fun stamps from Inkadinkado...I just love to say that name!


Many new things are arriving'll have to check in
frequently to see the fabulousness that is coming in...hmmmm,
fabulousness, not really a word...I'm definately watching too much clean

Speaking of shows I'm watching too much of, I've been watching this
show called "You are what you eat" on BBC America.  It's about a
natural nutritionist who overhauls the diets of some seriously
overweight people.  Gillian has them log their food intake for a
week before she starts them on a healthy diet.  Then she brings
them to a room with a table that is covered with the food they ate that
week.  And frankly, it's disgusting.  But I HAVE to see
it.  Maybe it makes me feel better about my own diet??  Maybe
not.  Here's a little of one person's week:


And this is just a snippet....anyway, it makes you take a good hard
look at your diet...and it's giving me something to scrapbook.  You
know that week in my life project coming up?  Turns out I spend a
lot of time eating....I decided that if I took photos of everything I
ate that likely I'd be mortified.  So I stopped taking pictures of
my food....until I eat better :)


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