Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy Leap Day!

Ever wonder what you would do with an extra day?  Here's your chance to find out!  Stop by the store this "Leap Day", Friday, February 29th and take advantage of our 29% off sale!  What's that, you might ask?  Well, you have an extra day so we'll give you an extra discount!  Friday only, you can take 29% off any instock scrapbook of your choice*. 
And while you're here, don't forget to vote for your favorite page in
the page's the last day for voting & every vote counts!

your extra day this something just for YOU!  Small or
big, doesn't matter, but make sure you take care of yourself just a
little bit today...have a latte, get a pedicure, stop in the scrapbook
store...really, whatever floats your boat!

is limited to stock on hand and cannot be combined with any other
discount or coupon.  Not valid on prior purchases or special

Teen Night

Teen Night for 7th & 8th graders is coming up soon....Saturday,
March now to sign up!  It's only $20 & is from 5 pm
to 10 pm & includes pizza & this super cool

Ok, so here's the scoop:  the kids get to personalize the
books...they get to pick the colors to paint, pick the ribbons to use,
pick the words to write.  It's all about THEM.  They'll punch
out titles...and learn so many fun techniques!  We've even had
chipboard iPods, film strips & cell phones made for them, too! 
So fill out the form below and bring it in to reserve your teens spot


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wednesday, February 27th Sale & MORE

and it's a good one! 

Take 20% off all solid cardstock, magazines & idea books...Wednesday only!

Limited to stock on hand.  Cannot be combined with any other discount or offer.  Not valid on prior purchases.


Today we received new paper from Die Cuts With A View (DCWV). 
Loving the new travel line (the papers are much more vibrant in person):


And we've had the Enchanted line in the past, but it didn't last very
long....I LOVE it!  There's one I hadn't seen before that is very
Harry Potter-ish...and who doesn't love "they lived Happily Ever After"?


Monday, February 25, 2008

A day in the life...and other things

I've been meaning to post all day.  It's my day off & I
thought I'd go out & take some cool photos & post them
here....seems I've left my camera somewhere...not sure
instead of taking cool photos & lounging about, I've done my grocery
shopping (it is SO much better shopping on Monday!), changed my
internet speed, talked to the vet, called my accountant, read a book (T
is for Trespass) & finished it....cleaned up parts of my house
(trust me, cleaning the whole thing would have put a damper on my
day)....walked my dog...and watched Oprah.  Actually, I didn't turn
on the TV until 3:00 & I could have done without it, but I ran out
of steam.  And Anna, I have to thank you for the tip on uploading
photos from my imac....the folder on the desktop worked like a

My cousin & I are going to the Sedona Scrapbooking Retreat this
weekend.  I am very excited but totally not ready.  My cousin,
however, has already packed her bags.  Yes, packed.  I'm not
even sure what I'm doing yet...I might just sleep through the whole
thing...this dang cold (day 12) is kicking my butt...but I said that
last time & ended up making a ton of pages & projects for the
store.   Better start making a list soon...

In the meantime, here are some fun projects:


Kelly Miller made the cutest embellishment box...she took the Making
Memories Embellishment Box & covered it with GinX paper, ribbons,
brads, paint, & chipboard letters dusted with glitter.  The
effect is stunning!  Kelly also decorated a cute jewelry box from
Creative Imaginations & was nice enough to leave it at the store so
you can check it out.  Thanks, Kelly!



Here's a cute page my mom, aka Andi, made for the All Day Croppers
make-n-take this weekend.  Super cute & super easy!  The
page uses 3 prints from Autumn Leaves new line...the name is escaping
me....buttons from Creative Cafe....Bazzill Basics cardstock....American
Crafts ribbon...and brown ink.  The flowers were cut using 2 of
the Creative Cafe Accu-Cut dies in our classroom. 

Sherry & I are working on classes for March...mostly Sherry...she
just whips out these amazing projects!  We'll post them

Don't forget to sign up for Sharon's class tomorrow night....getting
the most out of your's only $10 and is SO worth it!

And one more "Don't Forget":  Don't forget to stop by the store
to vote for your favorite page in this months page contest...they're
amazing!  I love that no one has been able to tell the page that
was made by a husband (and I'm not spilling the beans until next
week!) was his first page, too!  Dang!

Enjoy the warm (er) weather!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Technique Tuesdays: Punch Art

Wondering how to get the most out of your punches &
diecuts?  Then this is the class for you!  Join Sharon &
Kris on Tuesday, February 26th at 6 pm.  For just $10 you'll learn
all sorts of new tips & techniques!  And you'll make the
stained glass portion of the page below...and if time permits, the
groovy flower, too!  Sign up now by calling 928-526-9292 or
stopping by the store.  You can even email us at


Thursday, February 21, 2008

February Page Contest Entries


(click on the mosaic to make it bigger & see all the pages)

Alrighty, here are the February Page Contest entries...sorry for the
delay...I got wrapped up in the snow day schedule....slept in....and
then someone came in to vote.  Oops!  They got to vote...the
pages are up...and I have to say, one entry is by a husband.  I'm
not saying who, but when I asked the manufacturer rep who is up here
with me today which page was done by the husband, she couldn't
tell.  How cool is that!  So, good luck to you all! 
Voting is today through February must vote in the store...the
pages in the mosaic are in no particular order...each entry is
STUNNING!  Thank you! 

PS My rep said the pages were so good she's going to get us some product donated from a manufacturer for the winner :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wednesday Sale 2/20/08 & other news

The sale for Wednesday, February 20th is....Buy any Creative Imaginations stamp &  get one FREE.  These
stamps are so cool!  The self inking stamps have a free refill pad
with them and are so fun to stamp with.  They can be used on
pages, cards, or even your office work...they're that cute!  And
the clear stamps?  Well, they are just amazing to stamp with. 



AND we've thrown in a selection of rub ons from Creative Imaginations and American Crafts that are Buy one get one FREE, too!


Ok, now here are the rules:  limited to stock on hand, not valid
on previous purchases, cannot be combined with any other coupon or
discount.  Sale is Wednesday, February 20th only.

Few more things to report today.  Opened up those 13 boxes from We R Memory Keepers and found the cutest
little albums in there!  6x6 and 8.5 x 5.5 ring
'em!  I think the 8.5 x 5.5 ones would be perfect for a recipe
album...or a trip...or whatever.  I cannot believe the AMAZING
selection of albums we've gotten from them!  Don't forget, all We R
Memory Keeper albums & protectors are 25% off through the end of
February.  You'll love them, promise!


These are the 8.5 x 11(top) 8.5 x 5.5 (middle) and 6x6 (bottom)
albums.  There are also tons of new 12 x 12 albums.  The
quality is fantastic and the bookshelf appeal is unbeatable.

Today is the last day for entries for the "Love" themed page
contest.  You have until 6 pm tonight to submit your entries. 
Voting begins tomorrow.  Good luck!

Sad to report that those cute shoes in the post below were
comandeered by my daughter this morning.  I think I may never see
them sad.  Little turkey told me yesterday there were
some other things in my closet she wanted but she'd wait for me to out
grow them.  Outgrow?   

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Teen Night

Click on the flyer...print it out...bring it in...sign up for a fun filled night!


My morning....


Ahhhh, to be sitting back with my feet up....well, that's how I had
hoped to spend my day off yesterday (don't you just love my new
Converse?  Only $20 at Dillard's Sunday).  But my daughter had
other plans in mind for me.  She had been assigned a science fair
project a month ago.  When did she start it?  Saturday, yes,
two days before it was due.  So yesterday we spent 6 hours at the
store creating her display board....13 year olds move slow...
thought it was all done & this morning at 7:02 am...we leave at
7:10...she started freaking out because she didn't do an entire part of
her project.   All I gotta say is crap.  We scrambled
& got it put together but...just but.  I hope she's learned a
lesson from this.  I know I have.

The Fed-Ex dude just came by with 13 boxes of We R Memory Keepers
albums & I'd better run...I'll be posting more
asap...I have lots & lots to tell you about!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!



I cheated & bought cupcakes for Kendall's teacher...and for the
store...but these are pretty as can be!  Stop by today for a sweet
treat:  cupcakes, coffee, hot chocolate AND 20% off anything red or
pink...just for today...ENJOY!


In the meantime, I'll be kicking back in my cool new Valentine tights
(thanks, Audra!)...well, not kicking back actually....we have to
pre-set up our bridal fair booth...make sure we have everything we
need....did I mention there's a Bridal Fair at the Radisson on
Saturday?  Oops!  Hope you can come!  They always have
great cake samples, and frankly, who can pass that up?  And even if
you're not getting married there are always great party ideas
(especially at our booth!).

My friend Christine is so thoughtful!  She knows how much I love
Halloween, so for Valentine's Day she bought the store an Accu-Cut die
of a he is cut out of pink, just perfect for


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Silly Me

Silly me...I didn't post that those American Crafts Albums are only
20 bucks for fabric & 28 bucks for leather (real leather) and the
free stuff?  It adds up to a little over 6 bucks.  Not bad for
free!  And those albums?  PERFECT for quick, easy projects.  PERFECT in fact for you to make a super cute, super quick Valentine tonight.  Promise!

There's still time to make your sweetie a Valentine!  Found
myself staring at the cards in Wal-mart this morning....going to take
the easy way out because I have a cold from hell....and I just couldn't
do it.  I  mean, I own a paper store.  How could I BUY my
sweet husband a card?  Well, apparantly, I can't.  So I'll
take the 5 minutes to make him one.  And while Kendall is at guitar
lessons, I'm going to pop on over to Brookside & pick him up his
favorite turtles.  BUY him a card?  I am looking at my
computer in total disbelief....I LOVE Valentine's Day...just LOVE it.
And tonight, Kendall & I are making cupcakes for the teachers at her
school.  Actually can't wait....cupcakes are the PERFECT food.  (if there were a word of the day, I think mine would be PERFECT today).  Maybe I'll bring the extras to the store for a Valentine treat!  Hmmmmm......

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

This Wednesday, buy one American Crafts 8 1/2 x 11 album (portrait or
landscape) and receive one package of Heidi Swapp ghost flowers AND one
Heidi Swapp mask FREE!  (cannot be
combined with any discount, coupon or previous purchase).  I have
to say, I love these American Crafts albums.  I did a year in my
life in the landscape album & just fell in love with them. 
 Super easy....and super cute!  Put a Heidi Swapp mask on the
cover & brush with paint & you have a customized album....LOVE
that concept!  And the ghost flowers?  SO very useful...we had to share!  Here are some photos....



A few more photos of the store, which I might say is coming along very nicely...




Customers have been....stunned...that's the best word to use. 
And they really like it...which I really like!  The store somehow
looks, well, HUGE!  Stop by & check out what we've done! 
Shop our cleaned up clearance area, check out the new candles & all
the new products coming in daily.  You won't be disappointed!

Ooohhh & while you're here, sign up for one of our fantastic classes!  Click here
to see our February schedule...there's a great mini book class on
Saturday you won't want to's called "Love" and uses the clear
4x4 books...super fun!  Sign up for this Friday's Midnight Madness (2/15) on Wednesday, 2/13 and get half off...($5 instead of $10) but
this offer is only good on Wednesday so don't forget to sign up! 
Call us at 928-526-9292 or stop by the store.  (FYI payment is
required at the time of signing up for any class...thanks!)

Monday, February 11, 2008



And after...


It's much more impressive in person....the whole store is moving
& changing....I owe a great deal of thanks to my mom for getting the
ball rollin' (and for being INGENIOUS) & to Sharon for tossing the
ball in the store & creating a plan....and're lovely brother....his inlaws...Kris, the only
rocket scientist merchandiser I know.  Thanks to EVERYONE! 
There's more work to be done, but the big stuff is moved....woohoo!


Good thing we were at the store today....some sweet smelling new candles were delivered....


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Custom Word Books

I'll be placing a special order for those super cool word albums
(shown below) on me the word you'd like to have &
I'll send the order off!  Cannot wait to get:  Sedona, Route
66, Kirsten, Kendall, AM&M, really, I have SO many that I want to
get....they are SO cool!  Oh, and you might just want to stop by to
place your order...and see what we've done to the store :)

This week we're expecting shipments from....Bo Bunny (new xtreme teen
& some fabulous papers & embellishments) & candles, any day
now....they were supposed to be there on Thursday...not sure what
happened to the delivery guy...hmmmmm......

Adios for now....

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Why I Scrapbook


This is Jeannette Helgerson...she comes up from Camp Verde to get her
scrapbook supplies.  When I asked her why she scrapbooks she said,
"I love to share our memories with everyone!"  Jeanette says her
daughter likes her books so much that she takes them to work with her to
show everyone.  Very cool!

Bye-Bye Red Wall...

Say goodbye to the red wall (very sad for me, I loved it)....and the
register will be Tuesday morning the store will look
totally different....not all the moves but we're headed in the right


Some Sherry inspiration....


And look at these fun stamps from Inkadinkado...I just love to say that name!


Many new things are arriving'll have to check in
frequently to see the fabulousness that is coming in...hmmmm,
fabulousness, not really a word...I'm definately watching too much clean

Speaking of shows I'm watching too much of, I've been watching this
show called "You are what you eat" on BBC America.  It's about a
natural nutritionist who overhauls the diets of some seriously
overweight people.  Gillian has them log their food intake for a
week before she starts them on a healthy diet.  Then she brings
them to a room with a table that is covered with the food they ate that
week.  And frankly, it's disgusting.  But I HAVE to see
it.  Maybe it makes me feel better about my own diet??  Maybe
not.  Here's a little of one person's week:


And this is just a snippet....anyway, it makes you take a good hard
look at your diet...and it's giving me something to scrapbook.  You
know that week in my life project coming up?  Turns out I spend a
lot of time eating....I decided that if I took photos of everything I
ate that likely I'd be mortified.  So I stopped taking pictures of
my food....until I eat better :)


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I was reading the morning paper & was totally thrilled to see
that the City of Flagstaff now accepts ALL plastics (#1-#7) for
recycling!  Click here for a printable list of what we can recycle now. 

On to other news....just a few reminders:

Don't forget to submit your entry to the February page contest
One 12x12 Love themed page.  Entries are accepted through February
20th & then voting is through the end of the month.  One
winner will receive a $20 gift certificate to the store & the
winning page will be put into a calendar available in December. 
Very cool!

This month take 25% off all We R Memory Keeper albums & protectors. 
Yesterday a huge shipment arrived.  We're sure you'll be as
delighted as we are at the colors available!  If we don't have the
color you want we're happy to order it for you.  I feel that these
are the best made albums on the market.  They're durable, well made
& great looking to boot!  These are the albums Becky Higgins
uses for her scrapbooks...well, and so do we!  My mom (Andi),
Bridget & I are all using them!  Sherry, well, she's caught
up....she doesnt' have the stacks of boxes (has to be one in every
crowd) like the rest of us.

I need to give credit to my mom for being the first one to try out
the photo sleeves in the 12 x 12 albums.  She's been working with
them for a while & is the one who determined that you have to add
4x6 cardstock to the pockets when your photos are smaller than
4x6.  And she LOVES the 3 ring albums....much easier for her to get
pages in & out of.  As for my own project, I can't tell you
how WONDERFUL it feels to have my photos in albums!  I feel this big gorilla has jumped off my back...sounds silly, but
frankly those stacks & stacks (& stacks) of photo boxes were a
creativity killer...I'm finding it MUCH easier to scrapbook the things I
WANT to now...not the things I feel like I HAVE to.  Because my
photos are in albums I don't feel the need to be a chronological
scrapbooker anymore....and single layouts are just FINE.

You'll have to see the new Making Memories & K & Company
products...and the word albums (in the post below)....We have such fun
stuff to make Valentine's, too!  Need an idea? Well, we have TONS
of those, too!

Added more stuff to the 50% off table...making room
for new arrivals.  There are some great deals to be had!  Oh,
and those Art Blanche letters?  Just $1.50! 

Our plans are to rearrange the store this weekend.  Will keep you posted.

Don't forget to sign up for the Week In My Life Challenge's Tuesday, February 19th at 6 pm.  You're challenge,
should you choose to accept it, is to take pictures of your everyday
life....everyday things....what you eat, where you go, where you shop,
what you buy, hair & makeup products, photos of you (I have a LOVELY
one of me coloring my hair)...make sure you get some pictures of
YOU.  Then we'll meet for the class & create a couple of
layouts.  Personally, I'm super excited!  I know, the sample
pages aren't done yet....I have to get some photos printed that I took
over the last few days (even at the chriopractor and of my huge
shoveling job)  The project will be posted soon!  Oh, I even
took pictures of the snow boots that I've had since my husband & I
started dating....oh, some 18 years ago.  The more pictures you
take, the better.  We can always narrow them down but lets start
with a bunch!

I could talk all day today but I have to get ready to go do my
taxes.  Have a great day!  Stop on by the store to check out
the great deals that abound!


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Teen Night

We're so excited to tell you that we'll be having a Teen Night for 7th & 8th graders on Saturday, March 8th from 5-10 pm
Cost is $20 & includes:  pizza & soda, candy (Deanna &
Kendall say that's a big selling point), a pj contest, and a custom project designed just for them called "The whole world revolves around ME!)
and age appropriate movies (we're thinking The Princess Diaries). 
Bridget & I consulted with our 13 year old daughters to find out
what was cool...and what was not.  I never knew I was soooo NOT
cool!  Anyway, while brainstorming the project idea my daughter
said we should call it the whole world revolves around me..."Really?" I
said (I didn't want her to think I was insulting her...with a 13 year
old you never know). Kendall's response? "duh, mom, it does revolve
around me".  Well.  I called my source at Unique Pages &
told him what I wanted and he's super excited to create these custom
books for the kids.  We'll have a sample for you to see soon,
promise!  It's going to be filled with all sorts of custom chipboard pieces....cell phones, iPods, film we're taking suggestions....let
us know what your kids are into & we'll try to incorporate
it!  Give us a call to sign your 7th & 8th graders up

Here's the stuff the parents will want to know:  The event is
supervised by myself & Bridget.  This is a fun & safe
enviornment for the kids.  The doors will be coming or
going  during the party...the food will be appropriate for the drugs...their pj's have to be appropriate....drop
off is at 5 pm (unless other arrangements are made) and pick up is at
10 pm.  We'll have parents sign a form with contact information
& who is picking them up. 

We are SO EXCITED to be hosting this Teen Night!  We hope you & your kids are, too!

Unique Pages Custom Word Books

I am so very excited to show you the custom chipboard word books that
showed up today from Unique Pages!  You'll love them, I'm sure!





Now here's the coolest part....we can order these CUSTOM for
you!  And they're so reasonable!  The custom ones will look
like the Arizona book (with chipboard letters on top of the pages for a
great dimensional effect)...they start at $10 for 3 letters & go up
$1.00 for each additional letter up to 11.  And you only have to
order one (that's unheard of in this industry!)  Wouldn't these be
great for cheerleaders, sports teams, friends, family, schools (like
FMS, Sinagua, Coconino, etc).  Super cute, super fun & so easy
to customize!  Give us a call or shoot us an email to order yours

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Cosmo Cricket Sneak Peak

Cosmo Cricket has done it again!  They are introducing some
fabulous new lines next week & we'd like to know what you
think!  Click here
to see their new release.  Post a comment about the lines you'd
like to see in the store & we'll see what we can do...Your opinion


And honestly, if you have time, check out the posts from Jon the
Warhouse guy & his video diaries....TOTALLY funny...TOTALLY worth
it!  Start here & follow him through February...

Friday, February 1, 2008

And the winners are....

The votes are tallied....and let me tell was CLOSE! 
The pages were so wonderful....I'm glad I didn't have to be the deciding
vote!  Too hard!

The winner of the Christmas Page Contest:



Patti Holyfield designed this super cute page of her grandson.  Congratulations, Patti!

And the winner of the Winter Page Contest...



Jamie Miele designed this cute page.  I love her dog with it's eyes closed...

Congratulations, ladies!  Your gift certificates are ready & waiting for you at the store! 

Don't forget the February Page Contest is underway!  You have
until February 21st to submit your single 12x12 layout that is "Love"
themed.  It doesn't have to be Valentine's but it has to be about
love.  Voting takes place following the entry deadline.  You
can't win if you don't get those pages in soon!

In other exciting news at the store...we just got in the new Making
Memories 5th Avenue  & Garden Party lines.  I must say,
they are AWESOME!  Here are a few photos...but they don't do it'll have to come see them in person....AMAZING!



Ok, these papers are so cool!  They are laser can see the blue wall through the papers...LOVE them!





And these are the new $1.00 ribbons from American Crafts....LOVE them!