Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Why I Scrapbook

I thought I'd ask a random customer today why she scrapbooks...this is Sierra


she may only be 9 years old, but she is definately a
scrapbooker!  For Christmas she got a gift certificate to the store
& couldn't wait to spend it...mostly on things with the number 8,
because that's her favorite, you see.  I asked her why she likes to
scrapbook & she said "mostly because of the stickers".  She
likes to take pictures of animals with her new camera & scrapbooks
with her mom & grandma every chance she gets.  Now this is a
girl who is very savvy with money...she counts every penny (literally)
and adds up the prices before she checks out.  And her big
dream?  That after care at school have a craft class instead of all
the sports teams.  You go girl!

We'd like to feature a scrapbooker, card maker or paper crafter every
now & again....if you'd like it to be you, just ask! 
Otherwise, we'll randomly ask people who come into the store why they
scrapbook/make cards/paper craft & post it here.  Sounds like
fun to me!  Could be inspiring, too!

Here's a little Wednesday evening inspiration from Sherry & Kirsten



These are clear albums that we'll be teaching in February...Sherry's
is 4x4 & uses the new Making Memories Valentine line (which is
AWESOME) & mine is 8.5 x 8.75 or so & features the Pebbles, Inc
Valentine line (which is AWESOME, too).  I took my photo before I
added the ribbon...but it's still cool!  You'll love these classes
for Valentines for that special someone in your life...and even if you
don't want to give it away, you'll learn the basics of working with
these clear acrylic albums....SUPER fun....SUPER cute...VERY addicting!

In an earlier post I told you all about my resolution to be more
creative...well, yesterday was New Year's Day & while I was totally
exhausted from baby sitting my little 2 1/2 year and 3 month old nephews
I was still able to be creative...first off, people who know me know I
HATE to cook...takes too much time...too many rules...I wreck a lot of
things because of in my quest to be more creative I made
orange marmalade french toast
for breakfast...but here's the thing, because I HATE to cook, I didn't
read the recipe to the bottom before I assembled it's 8:00 am
& I have 4 kids to feed (Kendall had a friend sleep over) and I'm
thinking I have 45 minutes to bake it & then we'll eat. 
Ha!  Apparantly, you have to let it sit for 8 to 24 hours in the
fridge...what the heck?  I let it sit for an hour & cooked it
anyway...won't be making that again!  I'm sure if cooked properly
it's fantastic....cooked my way, not so much.  Several DVD's & a
nap later I attempted another recipe.  Honestly, I was waiting for
my husband to get home from work & hoped that he'd be home before
my movie was over & he'd have to cook (don't tell him!)...that
didn't work out so I had to start dinner....cheese enchiladas with homemade enchilada sauce...and
you know what?  It was AWESOME!  Loved it!  I felt so
creative (really!) that I brought out my camera & took photos of the
recipe, of the pot on the stove (yes, really), which inspired me to
take photos of everything I did that day....let me tell you, seeing the 4
DVD's (knowing that I watched 2 movies on TV, too) was a little
frightening...what a couch potato I was...and I took photos of my
Starbucks cup that my best bud brought me that morning (she knew I was
going to be up all night with the thoughtful!)  Ooohh
& photos of the purple orchid on my kitchen table (supposed to bring
good luck for the coming year if it's on your dining table on New
Year's Day)...I cannot wait to scrapbook them!  That's my creative
project for tomorrow...woohoo! 

I am definately feelin' the scrapbooking bug....hope you are,
too!  If not, I've got some suggestions...don't feel like you have
to scrap everything....or do it in order...find something fun to take
photos of & just create a layout that you love....for is so'll be pleasantly surprise....promise!

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  1. Loved this post - and the random customer question is a most excellent
    idea. Sierra looks so happy that you asked her for her thoughts.