Thursday, January 24, 2008

We R Memory Keepers Project Update


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Finally, my photo project is getting closer & closer to
completion.  Pictured are 20 of my albums.  From 1994 to
present.  I have three more at the store so 23 in all.  Mind
you, this is just photos.  I haven't integrated my 10 scrapbooks
into them yet.  So the project grows....I'll probably have 40
albums when I'm done.  But that's ok.  They look
FANTASTIC.  They're easy to get things in & out of.  I
even found the missing 1/2 of 2005.  Whoo hoo!  Here are the
boxes I have left to go through:


Believe me.  This is NOTHING.  One whole box is negatives
& I'm out of sleeves.  Will have to buy another 100 at
Photographic Works.  One box is a few of our wedding
our typewritten vows, which, unfortunately, are covered in dried
mold.  Yuck, I know.  That's what happens when you put things
in unsealed baggies & you husband sprays the garage down with a hose
& doesn't know he's saturated a huge box of memoribila.  And
the overflowing box?  Well, that's school photos &
miscellaneous stuff...not many photos.  That rolled up batch of
photos?  My husband's high school football posters (with his HUGE
afro).  Anyone have any ideas of what I should do with them?? 
Post a comment & let me know.

These page protectors saved my butt...


And I LOVE my We R Memory linen albums...I started out with post
albums & switched to ring albums.  I like that I can change the
pages around....add & remove things easily.  And since I'm not
quite done, ease of use was a factor. 

Thinking about starting a project like this?  I'm happy to talk
to you about you decide between post & ring based on your
needs...come & see for yourself why this is such a cool

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  1. I would like to see Don's fro pic's hung up at the store, poster size of course!!!he he