Monday, January 7, 2008

Snowy Days

This is what we woke up to this morning:


That's a lot of snow in one night!

What's on your agenda today?  I plan to take advantage of my day
off & clean up the guest room...aka Kendall's old room...when you
do a room makeover in 3 days, the other room gets a bit trashed! 
And I think we'll take the kids (Kendall & our friends Nathan &
Mackenzie) sledding....I plan to watch from the car...lest I wreck my
back any further...oooohhhh & my new scrapbooks just came in so I'll
be putting my stacks & stacks of photos sleeves into actual
albums...I am so very excited!  And I have to sneak a little work
in there, too, as I have a line of cards I want to add to the store, as
well as a line of soy based candles that are environmentally
safe...maybe even relax a little & enjoy the snow with a hot cup of
tea & a good book...."T is for Tresspass" is next on my
list...finish it today & I can buy the new book in the Stephanie
Plum series tomorrow.  Guess I'd better get busy!

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