Thursday, January 24, 2008

Scrapbook Challenges

Once a month, beginning in February, we'll be having a Scrapbook
Challenges class.  This class requires a bit of prep work on your gather what we request & then join us for class to
complete a project.  The February Scrapbook Challenge class is
being held Monday, February 19th from 6 pm to 8:30 pm.  The
challenge?  A Week In My Life. 
It's not as hard as you might think.  You'll need to take photos
of your daily routine.  When you get up, where you go, what you
eat, who you hang out with, things like that.  The concept is to
create some layouts that give insight into your life.  Not your kids.  Not your dogs. Not your friends.  YOUR life.  YOUR experiences.  So in 100 years your ancestors can look back at your book & laugh that you spent $3 on a gallon of gas and
on a latte.  And that your favorite slippers have panda heads on
them....or that you medicate yourself with food (like I did today after I
fell on my ass in the street)...or that you read a different book every
single night.  Doesn't this sound like fun?  I already
started taking my photos...although I'm having an atypical week my
walking buddy is out of town & I'm sleeping late...with glee I might
add) are a few of mine from today:


This is only a short period of time but it tells a story (to me,
anyway).  Take TONS of pictures....tons & tons...we'll only use
the best ones.  And don't forget to have photos of YOU.  I
don't care if you take them in a mirror (it's kinda fun, actually), have
the neighbor kids take your picture.  Whatever.  Just be in a
few.  This is all about YOU.  You should take notes of
anything that is super funny, serious, sad, whatever moves you....just
so you don't forget.  And don't worry about people looking at you
funny...they'll get over it & you'll have your photo.  I ran
into a guy at Safeway I knew today & snapped his photo in
there...check back to see it.  Pretty funny...I don't think he
thought I was serious when I asked to take his picture.  Anyway,
food for thought. 

Don't forget to sign up for the'll be glad you did this.  Promise! 

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