Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happy Birthday to Andi


Happy Birthday, Mom!  We love you! 

My mom's Bob & I planned a party for my mom this year.  We
so dropped the ball for her birthday last year & it was an important
one!  We invited her friends & neighbors & had everyone
bring a dish to go with spaghetti...I even made bruchetta, cream cheese
& mushroom stuffed croissants, caprese, & of course, chocolate
cupcakes (yes, me, the non cook).  I had everyone fill out 4x6
cards that said something nice to my mom & I took bunches of photos
to put in an album for her.  A family friend took this photo of my
brother & I with our mom...I love it!  i can't wait to have
the  photos printed tomorrow & slide them into those We R
Memory Keeper 12x12 photo sleeves!  A fast & easy project...but
oh so meaningful!  I read the cards just before bed tonight & I
love what they say!  I know she will, too!  My daughter asked
me why we needed to do this for grandma.  I told her it was always
good to know that you are important to someone & that they
appreciate you.  She said that grandma knows.  And my
response?  You know, sometimes it's good to hear it again....see it
in writing....know you make a difference....know that you're

So here's my challenge to you today....send someone a card & tell
them you appreciate them....make their day!  Because even if they
know it, it's ALWAYS good to hear it again!

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  1. A most lovely photo! Thanks again for including me in your family celebration!