Thursday, January 24, 2008

Confessions from the husband of a "scrapper"

This is Adam.  He s one of those husbands that supports his
wife's hobbies....when he & Jamie come to the store he trys to get
her to buy all sorts of stuff....she's the one telling him no. 
It's pretty funny.  I really enjoy seeing them & appreciate
them immensely!  So while I was at Safeway this morning I asked
Adam if he'd write me a little note about why he supports his wife's
scrapbooking hobby.  What I got was an AMAZING response. 
Check it out....


As a husband of a certifiably addicted scrapper, I would like to thank you. My wife’s addictions have given me the following;

1.  New power tools, well I “had to have them” for the desk insert.

2.  New Canon EOS 40D, “I have to have the best equipment to sponsor you hobby”.

Have to have at least three lenses

New bag



3.  Breathtaking beautiful photo albums.

Quality time with the boys, ergo the perfect excuse to encourage mom to
go out and scrap, while the boys hang out and eat pizza, ice-cream and
SODA! (aka, the cool parent)

5.  I have a happier wife. Lets face it, my wife is outnumbered (in the hormone arena) and any girl time, is fun time.

most important unintended endowment of my wife’s hobby is, the look
in my family’s eyes as mom (my wife) shows off her beautiful family,
that she spent a lot of time putting together, oh and scrapped the page
together as well.

Well said Adam!  Jamie, you're one lucky girl!

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