Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Bucket List


My husband & I went to see "The Bucket List"
today..gotta say, I was totally moved by much so that I cried
off & on all day long...not that I didn't know what was going to
happen...I did...mostly because there's a part in the movie with Morgan
Freeman tells Jack Nicholson about an ancient Egyptian belief that you
have to answer two questions to get into heaven...1) did you find joy in
your life & 2) did you bring joy to others....for some reason I've
obsessed over it all day.  I don't know that I want to do a bucket
list...frankly, I am limited by money, the guys in the movie are
obviously not.  But what a GREAT idea for a scrapbook page...or
even a whole book.  My friend Audra is making a book (looks like my
"little things that bring me joy" book but it's 52 pages instead of 12)
that has a picture of one thing each week that she is grateful
for.  I'm not sure if I'll do a book, or just make random
lists.  But even a random list can be included in your
scrapbook...remember, scrapbooking is a record of your

This isn't a bucket list but a list of what I'm grateful for & find joy in now:

My little nephew Ray.  He is so very happy & makes me
happy.  He's just under 3 years old & is a crack up. 
 Truly glad to be his aunt.

My neice Becky.  She's in her 20's with 3 young boys & is an
amazing mother...& an amazing woman.  Truly glad to be her
aunt.  She'll be surprised to be on my list because I haven't seen
her in a bit...but she's been on my mind a lot lately.

My dog Maggie.  She's a freak....has no scared of
her own shadow...but "saving" her has been good for my heart.

My customers.  Truly.  I LOVE what I do.  I LOVE to
help you find the perfect paper for your photos or design your wedding
invitations.  And I am moved to tears along with you when I help
you pick out things to use when you lose a loved one. 

My husband.  He's the most supportive husband a girl could
have.  And being super cute sure doesn't hurt!  18 years
together & I love him like it's brand new. 

My daughter.  She's alternately awesome & infuriating.  It's hard to be a teen, that's for sure.

My family.  ALWAYS there when you need them...and even when you don't.  Can't imagine a life without them.

My friend Lyn.  I am so grateful she's out of the hospital. 

The gist of the movie is that the most important things in life are
the relationships with your family & friends.  I couldn't agree
more.  Adds to meaning to your scrapbooks, now doesn't it?


  1. I saw the movie as well. Made me think as well...
    (and whimper)....
    could this be a page or two???

  2. Made me tear up just reading your entry.