Monday, December 10, 2007

Sedona Scrapbooking Retreats

We're back from our Sedona Scrapbooking Retreat and I have to say it was....FANTASTIC!  I felt pampered...catered home. 

My mom & I arrived a little late...I'm a little late to lots of
things unfortunately...around 7 pm (you can come at 2 pm)...But we were
there in time for a fantastic dinner of white lightening chili and corn
chowder in fresh baked bread bowls...yum!  After dinner we were
treated to a card class with a Stampin Up demonstrator named
Carla.  The cards were super simple, yet really pretty.


That's Carla in the black...Dorothy from Prescott & Jean from Las Vegas...that's my mom by the lights.


Aren't these cards great?  They look even better in
person!  The Happy Holidays has a white snowflake stamp embossed in
a white tinsel embossing powder & then cut out & pop dotted on
top of a different snowflake that was stamped directly on the
card.  Carla taught us a little trick that I had no idea about...we
put a pop up glue dot in the center of the flower on the blue card
(before attaching it to the card) and dipped it in glitter...then we
pressed it into micro is so cool!  We'll be getting
micro beads shortly...super cute!

Then it was time to get busy.  There were only 6 of us so we
were treated to one full 6 foot table each...heaven if you ask me! 
When it's full two people share a table.  I had a table right in
front of a huge window...but it was dark so I didn't realize the good
fortune I had until the next morning...I only made it up until 11:30
before I had to go to bed (on the most fabulous mattress I have ever
slept on....first time in forever I didn't wake up with a sore back)
& the other ladies stayed up to all hours laughing & creating
& having a great time!

I was up around 7:30 am (which is sleeping in 3 hours for me...yes, Kim, it is crazy!) and this is the view I was greeted to:


My spot was the center one.  My mom sat next to me. 
There's a row of tables behind us & there was one table to my left.


I have more on the album to the right or here.

We had quiche & fresh fruit for breakfast...yum & lunch was a
Pampered Chef chicken & broccoli braided concoction that was beyond
yummy!  Oh, & I scrapbooked & created from 7:30 am until
11:00 pm Saturday...amazing! 




I mostly finished every project I took....I was relaxed, entertained
& focused.  And I LOVED every minute of it.  I was so
concentrated on my work that I failed to notice it had started


And before we knew it, it was time for Chef Andrew
to make the most amazing appetizers (stuffed mushrooms & salmon
bruchetta) & dinner (chicken stuffed with goat cheese on a bed of
rice & vegetables)...all of which was finished off with a chocolate
fountain (I'm sure I gained 10 lbs!)

So here's what I LOVED:

1.  The amazing service from Jackie & Robin...simply unbeatable!

2.  The amazing leather chairs...I'll be researching how we can
get those in the store...they had to be expensive but not once was I

3.  The wonderful food.  I've been to many retreats &
usually the food is cheap & abundant...quality? not so much. 
But the food here was really good!  And you weren't surrounded by
m&m's & crap.  The snack table was out all the time &
was filled with fresh fruit & some quality chocolate.

4.  The chance to get away & work on what I wanted to. 
I made a book for my sister in law's mother, my little nephew David, 3
two page layouts & I caught up my 2007 photo album.

5.  The mattresses are to die for!  Oh my....I thought at
first the plush pillow tops would kill my back but they were so comfy I
didn't want to get out of bed!

6.  The card was a creativity starter & I enjoyed it immensely!

7.  The view...sorry to say it's number 7....but I kept forgetting to look.  When I did was breathtaking.

8.  Really, there wasn't anything I didn't love!

So if you get a chance to get away you should try out the Sedona Scrapbooking Retreats.  I definitely plan on returning!

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