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Resolutions are not my thing anymore.  When
I was a kid, my best friend & I would make all sorts of
resolutions…usually “I’ll lose _____ pounds”…and we’d shout
it out into the night hoping that would help our resolutions come true.  I know better now.  I can stick to a resolution for about 3 days & then I come up with some excuse to quit.  But this year is going to be different (I’ve said that about a million times, too!)  So my resolution isn’t to lose weight, although that would be splendid,
or to get organized (I’ve wished for that one right along with the
losing weight one)…no, my New Year’s Resolution for 2008:  be
more creative…for me, it means that I will scrapbook more….create
more projects that I love….learn how to take better pictures…spend
some time cooking….taking care of my house….relaxing…I know, you
probably think that’s silly for me to want to be more creative…but
sometimes creativity can be misplaced or set aside…it happens to
everyone now & again…and now it’s time to find that creativity
again…or me....for you....whatever creative means to you….embrace
it….make a quiche…or a scrapbook page…or decorate a cake…maybe
just read our blog or other creative blogs out there…whatever it
takes…embrace creativity.

With that said, the New Year brings changes….for the better! 

  • Our store hours are changing a bit…we’ll be closed on Sundays & Mondays during the winter…for the first time in six years I’ll be able to have two days off in a row….it’ll make me a better store owner, which will make the store better for you.  Our hours will be:  Tuesday through Friday 10 am to 6 pm and Saturdays 10 am to 4 pm. 

  • We’re expanding our class schedule.  There will be classes 4 days a week now…Tuesdays & Wednesdays start at 6 pm…Thursdays at noon…Saturdays in the am.  Classes
    will have a minimum of 3 students and maximum of 8 so make sure to sign
    up early & have your friends sign up with you! The class schedule will be available shortly…and projects are displayed in the store.

  • Midnight
    Madness is scheduled for every Friday in 2008 and All Day Crops are
    scheduled for the last Saturday of each month (except November it’s
    the Saturday before…and December won’t have one).

  • There’s a new page contest each month.  We’ll take entries between the 1st & 20th of each month & have customers vote on their favorites until the end of the month.  The
    winner will receive a $20 gift certificate to the store & be
    published in a calendar composed of contest winners available at the end
    of the year.  The themes are:

January:  Winter (1 winner) & Christmas (1 winner)

February:  Love

March:  Luck

April:  Spring

May:  Mother’s Day

June:  Father’s Day

July:  Summer

August:  Back to School

September:  Fall

October:  Halloween

November:  Thanksgiving

The rules are simple:  submit one 12x12 layout that represents the theme of the month.  That’s it!

  • And we’ll be re-arranging the store shortly….it’s fun to freshen up!  See, change is fun!

Apparantly, the
link has been experiencing some technical difficulties.  I hope
that it has been never know in the cyber world!  If
you bookmark (put us in your favorites) at (you can copy & paste this link) it should work every time...

the class schedule for January & descriptions...I'll post photos
asap...most of the actual projects are in the store & up on the
chalkboard in the classroom:

Class Descriptions:

A Year in My Life $40

Instructor:  Kirsten Mead

Ever feel like you just can’t get caught up on your photos?  Well, we have a solution for you!  You’ll learn how to create an album that highlights your life, by the month.  When your done, you’ll have an album completed for the year, freeing you up to work on other inspiring projects.  Cost of the class includes an 8 ½ x 11 landscape album.

All Day Crop $25

Instructor:  Varies

Join us for 12 hours of scrapbooking!  Work
on whatever projects you choose and we’ll take care of lunch &’ll get a goodie bag & cropper only discounts.  Its loads of fun...we promise!

Altered Art $30

Instructor:  Sharon Kennick


is an amazingly talented artist & is here to teach her altered talents to you!  Projects vary each month & classes are loaded with techniques that you can apply in all your crafting areas.

Caught Up & Lovin’ It! $25

Instructor:  Kirsten Mead

many years of trying to get caught up...of changing the way she stores
her pictures...of pulling her hair out...Kirsten has come up with a
method of scrapbooking that frees up your time to work on other
projects, not just your chronically behind chronological album.

Challenges $25 to $40

Instructor:  Kirsten Mead

month we’ll issue you a challenge & the following month we’ll
have a class on what to do with the challenge materials.  It’s sure to get your creativity flowing!

Clearly Fantastic $25 to $40

Instructor:  Kirsten Mead & Sherry Oien

Make just one clear album & you’ll be hooked!  They’re fun & they’re different, which is so cool!  This class is chock full of techniques...& best of all, you’ll tailor it to the photos you bring!

Fast & Easy Pages $25

Instructor:  Sherry Oien

Scrapbooking doesn’t have to be a chore.  Each
month Sherry will teach you 3 super easy 12x12 layouts that take no
time at all...& you’ll be able to apply what you learned to other
pages you’re working on.  And the best part?  You get to pick the paper to match your photos...use titles of your choosing...& have lots of fun doing it!

Gotta Love ‘em Mini’s $20 to $40

Instructors:  Kirsten Mead & Sherry Oien

Kirsten & Sherry are addicted to mini books!  They’re fun...they’re fast...& they make such good gifts!  Each class features a different book & they are full of great techniques...too many to’ll learn so much!

Happy Hour $10

Instructors:  Kirsten Mead & Andi Kleinman

us on Thursday at noon each week to make a quick page...takes 45
minutes or so...what a terrific way to spend your lunch hour!

Midnight Madness $10

Instructor:  Varies

Friday nights are hopping around here from 6 pm to midnight!  Grab
your projects & come on down for 6 hours of’re
sure to accomplish so much...whether chatting with your friends or
making new friends & creating beautiful projects.  Price includes snacks & a 10% discount on your purchases.

Pleased to Greet You $20

Instructor:  Kirsten Mead & Sherry Oien

Card making is all the rage & we’re here to show you how!  Using a variety of techniques we’ll make different cards each month that just about everyone can use.

Scrapbook Basics $15

Instructors:  Kirsten Mead, Sherry Oien & Andi Kleinman

Just getting started with scrapbooking?  This class is designed for the beginner scrapbooker with little to no experience.  You’ll learn how to use the tools, match paper to your photos & create layouts that you’ll love.  Students leave class with 2 scrapbook pages to slip into their albums & the confidence to create more!

Seasonal Celebrations $25

Instructor:  Kirsten Mead & Sherry Oien

month we’ll create 3 different pages surrounding particular
holidays...slip them into your books & bam...your almost caught up!  Pages can be completed in both 12x12 or 8 ½ x 11 sizes.

Technique Tuesdays $10

Instructors:  Sharon Kennick & Kris Naylor

Each month Sharon & Kris will teach you super fun techniques...a new topic each month.  You’ll make a fun card & have an opportunity to participate in


’s card contests.  These classes are fun & informative! 

Tool Time $10

Instructors:  Sharon Kennick & Kris Naylor

Let Sharon & Kris teach you how to get the most out of your scrapbooking tools.  Go way beyond the basics, exploring the creative possibilities!  These classes are fun & informative!

January 1     Closed Happy New Year!


January 1-20 Winter Page contest entries due; Christmas Page contest entries due

January 4     Midnight Madness

Friday        6 pm to Midnight $10

January 5     Seasonal Celebrations with Kirsten

Saturday      Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year’s

              11 am to 1:30 pm $25

January 8     Technique Tuesday with Sharon & Kris

Tuesday       Embossed Elegance

6 pm to 7 pm $10

January 9     Scrapbook Basics with Sherry

Wednesday     6 pm to 7:30 pm $15

January 10    Happy Hour with Kirsten & Andi

Thursday      12x12 Thanksgiving Layout

Noon to 1 pm $10

January 11    Midnight Madness

Friday        6 pm to Midnight $10

January 12    Altered Art with


Saturday      Altered Star Book

              10 am to 1 pm $30

January 15    Caught Up & Lovin’ It! with Kirsten

Tuesday       6 pm to 9 pm $25

January 16    Gotta Love ‘em Mini’s with Kirsten

Wednesday     “Little things that bring me joy…”

              6 pm to 8:30 pm $20

January 17    Happy Hour with Kirsten & Andi

Thursday      12x12 Christmas Layout

              Noon to 1 pm $10

January 18    Midnight Madness

Friday        6 pm to Midnight $10

January 19    Gotta Love ‘em Mini’s with Sherry

Saturday      â€œTogether”

              11 am to 3 pm $35

January 22    Tool Time with Sharon & Kris

Tuesday       Fabulous Photos

              6 pm to 7 pm $10

January 23    Pleased to Greet You with Sherry

Wednesday     Valentine Cards

              6 pm to 8:30 pm $20

January 24    Happy Hour with Kirsten & Andi

Thursday      12x12 New Year’s Layout

              Noon to 1 pm $10

January 25    Midnight Madness

Friday        6 pm to midnight $10

January 26    All Day Crop

Saturday      8 am to 8 pm $25

January 29    A Year in Our Life Album with Kirsten

Tuesday       6 pm to 10 pm $40

January 30    Fast & Easy Pages with Sherry

Wednesday     Three 12x12 Layouts

              6 pm to 8:30 pm $25

January 31    Happy Hour with Kirsten & Andi

Thursday      â€œMe, today…”

              Noon to 1 pm $10

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