Monday, December 10, 2007

No School Today

My daughter has issues with Monday mornings.  She can't wake up
on Mondays....yet, today is a snow day & she's bouncing out of bed
without a care in the world & super early.  Go figure! 

Anyway, it occured to me that snow days are the PERFECT day for
crafting...making can join us at the store & create til
your hearts content all day...for FREE...we'd love to see you! 
Bring your kids along & they can make some fun stuff,too! 

Take a little time to create beautiful gift tags or use our die cut
machine to make decorations for your tree or Christmas cards.  Or
take some time for yourself to work on a few scapbook pages.  Snap a
few photos of the snow.  Make a snow angle.  Be silly. 
Enjoy the extra time we've been given today.

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