Saturday, December 29, 2007

My daughter had some pretty outrageous requests on her Christmas wish
list this year...she is 13 after ipod touch (no
way!)...concert tickets (again, no way!)...but one constant was that she
wanted to re-do her bedroom.  I had BIG problems with this. 
When she was 18 months old I had my mom paint a mural of dolphins (my
favorite) on her looks like something done by Wyland
call "A Dolphins Heaven"...personally, I love it & it was killing
me that she wanted to paint it.  Then she begged to move into the
guest room....she picked paint colors on the internet...really did her
research to make a case for moving...we told her no...about a hundred
times...then it came time for Christmas & we had this brilliant idea
that we would re-do the guest room & surprise her.  My husband
removed all of the wall paper in the guest room during some time off
& we kept the door locked.  She thought we were hiding
Christmas presents.  The Friday before Christmas we sent her to
spend the night with my brother & his family, which she does
often.  Saturday, she when to my mom's & Sunday she went to her
Aunt's.  While she was gone, the room was painted, the carpet
ripped out & wood put down, & mirror closet doors were put
up.  She had picked the bedding she wanted & we had the paint
made to match it.  Honestly, it was a much better room for
her...much more 13.  Finally, she came home on Christmas Eve &
we asked her to run up to her room & grab her camera...she ran past
the huge bow on the guest room door & looked into her old
room...which was filled with the stuff from the guest can
only get so much done in 3 days....then she opened up the door to her
new room & started screaming (happy screams) and burst into
tears!  We were NOT prepared for that She totally didn't have any
clue what we were up to.  She cried for over an hour because she
was so happy!  My husband & I were thrilled that our plan
worked and the hard work of everyone involved was so appreciated....then
Kendall looked at me and said, "Mom, I didn't know you really loved
me!"  Well.  What do you say to that?  At least she finally
knows.  Can you sense my dry demeanor?  I know what she
meant, but wow!  I'm sure all you mother's of teenagers are just
shaking your head...and aren't the least bit surprised....I shouldn't
have been either...  We're just happy that she's so happy. 
And that she knows her mother loves her.  Definately a moment to

Here's her cool new room:


It'll never be this clean again....



  1. this is BEAUTIFUL. kendall is so funny...and she is one lucky girl!!!

  2. Wow, that is one lucky girl! the room looks amazing it looks like
    "extreme makeover" came in and did it! great job, im actually a little
    jealous ;)