Friday, December 28, 2007

How Awesome!

How awesome is it that we live in the snowy mountians and 50 miles away you can visit this:


I'm a little jealous....


just stunning....


hmmm...zebra's in Arizona?


Ok, I love this lion's ruffled look....he looks like he was riding in a car with his head sticking out the window...


My family went to Out of Africa
today in Camp Verde.  It was 32 degrees there....just imagine how
cold Flagstaff was!  My daughter said it was awesome...and that's
saying a lot from a 13 year old!  They saw lions, tigers &
bears (oh, my!) & snakes (ick)...Kendall thought it was funny when I
jumped 10 feet when I saw the photo of the boa & anaconda...won't
be posting those here!  My husband had an equally great
time....sorry to have missed it.   

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