Sunday, November 11, 2007

Making time to organinze my photos

I have a confession to make....I am much more organized in my head
than I am in real life.  Over my many, many years of scrapbooking, I
have created a multitude of "perfect" ways to store my photos.  I
won't bore you with the gory details...just know, I've tried them all
with little success.

A while ago I had an "ah-ha" moment and decide that I would transfer
all of my photos from regular albums into these awesome linen albums
that we sell by WeR Memory Keepers.  They have a two inch post to fit lots of pages and WeR also makes 12x12 sized photo sleeve pages
that I could slide my photos right into.  And then I could just
scrapbook the moments that I wanted to....not every single photo. 
(I chose 12x12 postbound Silverstone Linen albums...very neutral, which I
love.)  I think I have finally hit the Holy Grail of
scrapbooking!  This system is so gonna work for me!  I wish I
would have thought of it sooner!  Unfortunately, I had, oh, I don't
know, 30-40 photo albums to yank the photos out of.  It has taken
me forever, but today, I finished pulling out the last photo...from 18
years worth of photos.  I wanted to do a dance I was sooooo
happy!  Yeah me!  It may have taken me forever, but I
can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  It probably took me
longer than it would take you....after working more hours than I care to
admit, I was just too tired (read: lazy) to tackle it.  You see,
when I start a project, I become obsessed with it.  So, yeah me
that the photos are out of the old yucky albums and are in really cool
new sleeves....and oh, no, I still have at least 20 photo boxes to go all their stages of my previous organization
attempts.  BUT there is now a light at the end of the tunnel! 

I'd like to share a few things I've learned during this project:

It's ok to only have one set of photos printed. 
Duplicates are not necessary!  You can reprint the ones you want
to scrapbook, and save yourself some serious cash!  I cannot tell
you how many photos I threw, yes, threw away!  What a waste of

Put your photos in a photo album for your family to enjoy. 
Don't rely on your computer to be your album.  I cannot tell you
how many people who have come in that had a hard drive crash & they
lost them all.  If they're in a photo album, your family can enjoy
them anytime they want!

You don't have to use separate albums for your photos and your scrapbooks.  I
chose the WeR albums because they were 12x12, they held photo pages AND
scrapbook pages.   And you can even use odd size protectors,
like an 8 1/2 x11 protector to hold art work, report cards or other
miscellaneous memorablia that go with the photos. 

You don't have to scrapbook everything.  That mentality will just hold you back from scrapbooking the moments that you really want to scrapbook. 

Don't forget to journal.  You can
slide a 4x6 piece of cardstock in the photo sleeve to leave your
thoughts of those particular moments.  It's really important. 
If you wait until you have time to scrapbook a whole layout you may
forget the very essence you were trying to convey.

Here's just a fraction of my mess....keep in mind I've been working on this for months!  And this is nothing compared to what it was!


Ok, now this is just embarassing!  Piles & piles of
stuff EVERYWHERE! Most of the stuff out of the photo boxes is
memoribila...I keep too much stuff!


I had a lot of negatives to deal with that were pre-digital
scrapbooking.  I just couldn't throw them away.  I purchased
Print File Archival Preservers negative sleeves locally from Photographic Works...I
got 100 for around $22...I slid each negative into the sleeve &
marked what the negatives were on the top of the sheet (there's a white
strip) & then punched holes in the index print and put them all in a
3 ring binder. Yes, I know I shouldn't have a great big glass of tea
next to my photos...big no-no!


These are the albums I'm using.  I take enough photos that I
get about 1/2 a year in one book.  The stack you see next to the
albums are protectors I still have to put into albums....I'm going to
merge completed scrapbook pages with these from my other albums. 
I'm hoping to have all my albums be the same...and when that's done, I'm
running to IKEA to get my idea of the perfect storage center for
them!  Or maybe Bob-o will build it for me!  I've told myself I
have to wait for my project to be 100% done before I can even think of
buying the unit I want...well, that & win the lottery, but let's not
get ahead of ourselves here.


  1. I really enjoyed chatting with you on Friday and it seems like you are
    on your way to being happy and organized....
    So do they sell 8 1/2 x 11 books, protectors, and photos sheets? I
    still use that format.
    Talk with you soon, Christine

  2. This is amazing! I admire your restraint on not buying the storage unit
    (I'd be half way through and decide I MUST get the storage unit this
    second). This latest blog is definitely food for thought! Tons of good
    Thanks for all you do! Laurie

  3. And what memory are you thinking about with the pile of M&M's, next
    to the No No Iced Tea?

  4. holy crap that is a ton of photos. mine are still in a
    box/computer/those old sei pink or blue suitcase albums.
    you are awesome. i envy that you have this project almost finished!

  5. The post and project are both inspiring! I love the system of being able
    to store all the photos together in order with the pages you've already
    scrapped where they can be seen and enjoyed, but not having to scrap
    all of them. It must feel so good to have accomplished all that!