Monday, October 15, 2007


(Photo shows 2.5 million plastic bottles...the number used in the US every hour.)

Today is Blog Action Day
and bloggers around the web will unite to put a single important issue
on everyone's it's the environment.  My good friend
Audra found this photo of the discarded bottles a few weeks ago and
passed it on to me.  It made such an impact in my life that for
Scrap Pink we didn't pass out water bottles.  And yesterday at the
grocery store, I checked the bottom of every plastic container to see if
it could be recycled.  If it wasn't a #1 or #2, I put it
back.  Also, I've started bringing my own bags to the grocery
store.  Speaking of bags, the bags we use in the store are recycled
paper.  If you would like to bring your bags in with you on your
next visit, we'll gladly re-use them.  Just make sure all your
treasures are out of them first!  And we have two recycle bins in
the if we can just get people to put their trash
somewhere else.....

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  1. I am proud of you. keep up the good work.