Monday, October 29, 2007

My kiddo is sick with a cold today....100.9 degree fever...sore
throat...stuffy nose...She hung out with her two year old cousin this
weekend...who happened to have a cold...woke up this morning feeling
miserable.  Remember the days when you felt so bad you wanted to
stay home but wanted to go to school because you wanted to see your
friends?  That's where she's at today.  Poor baby...


We had an All Day Crop this weekend....loads of fun! 
 Diana,  Lyn & Betty dressed least for a
bit!  What you can't see are their rainbow striped toe
socks...definately bring me back to my childhood!

P1020232 P1020230


Helen joined in on the fun, too!

And I actually had an opportunity to create this really cool clear's about things I'm grateful for (perfect for
Thanksgiving!).  It's a 5x5 album from Unique Pages...I used two
tabbed pages & two regular pages...transparencies from Hambly
Studios (awesome to work with, by the way)...some of our new rinestones
from Hero Arts (only $1.99 a package, can you believe it?) new
found love, the white extra fine Sharpie paint pen...& an extra fine
slick writer from American Crafts...there are a few other things in it,
too.  Here are a couple of shots of it...




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