Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

I LOVE Halloween!  LOVE the costumes....LOVE the candy....LOVE
the decorations.  LOVE the party hat my buddy Audra gave me! 
Have a "boo"tiful day!


This is Pearl & Heather.  Very Festive!



Monday, October 29, 2007

Anniversary Happenings

Just a reminder that the Anniversary Event is just around the
corner!  Join us on Thursday, November 1st through Saturday,
November 3rd for a great sale, lots of product demos, & some great
surprises!  And don't forget about our Party Hat contest!  The
winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to the store!  Party
Hats are super easy to make...just roll up a piece of 12x12 paper, staple, embellish, & wahlah you have a party hat! 

Oohhh, and mark your calendars for Wednesday, November 7th from 6:30
to 8:30 pm for the unveiling of our new Creative'll LOVE
it!  We'll have demos, snacks & you'll get to be the first to
check out our new "Happy Hour" weekly classes.  Really, this
concept is amazing!  Here's a tiny peek:


Meaningful Scrapbooking

I just came across this link about the true meaning of scrapbooking.  It is incredibly valuable & I encourage you to read it.

My kiddo is sick with a cold today....100.9 degree fever...sore
throat...stuffy nose...She hung out with her two year old cousin this
weekend...who happened to have a cold...woke up this morning feeling
miserable.  Remember the days when you felt so bad you wanted to
stay home but wanted to go to school because you wanted to see your
friends?  That's where she's at today.  Poor baby...


We had an All Day Crop this weekend....loads of fun! 
 Diana,  Lyn & Betty dressed least for a
bit!  What you can't see are their rainbow striped toe
socks...definately bring me back to my childhood!

P1020232 P1020230


Helen joined in on the fun, too!

And I actually had an opportunity to create this really cool clear's about things I'm grateful for (perfect for
Thanksgiving!).  It's a 5x5 album from Unique Pages...I used two
tabbed pages & two regular pages...transparencies from Hambly
Studios (awesome to work with, by the way)...some of our new rinestones
from Hero Arts (only $1.99 a package, can you believe it?) new
found love, the white extra fine Sharpie paint pen...& an extra fine
slick writer from American Crafts...there are a few other things in it,
too.  Here are a couple of shots of it...




Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bo Bunny My Word Albums

We are so very excited to tell you that the Bo Bunny "My Word" albums
are IN!  They are so very fun!  They come blank & you can
decorate them to suit your tastes....GREAT holiday gift idea!

Bo_bunny_my_word_albums Believefront_web Family1_web Lovesample_web Party1_web Baby Friends1_web

My Mind's Eye Bohemia 2 Sale

The Wednesday sale for October 24th is 20% off all Bohemia 2 double
sided cardstocks, rhinestones, flowers, ribbons &
transparencies.  Here's a link to Bohemia 2
so you can check it out....unfortunately, it doesn't show the flowers,
rhinestones & ribbons, which are AMAZING!  Stop by the store to
check it out!  All of the collections are coordinated for
you....makes super fast & easy pages!

And don't forget to get your raffle ticket for every
$10 spent (pre-tax) and you get to pick the prizes you put in for. 
Wooo hooo!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Anniversary Event

Hard to believe, but we'll be 6 years old November first...very
exciting!  We're celebrating our birthday with our annual
Anniversary Sale November 1st, 2nd & 3rd...and we have fun stuff
planned for the days leading up to the sale!  Here we go with just a
few of the happenings:

1.  Receive free raffle tickets for
every $10 in purchases (pre-tax) between 10/22 & 11/3/07.  We
have 6 great prizes & you get to put your raffle tickets in for the
prizes you want to win!  Winners will be drawn at the close of
business on 11/3...then all of the remaining tickets will be entered
into one pot for the Grand Prize All My Memories tote bag
that is filled with great stuff!  Come by the store & see the
stuffed to the gills prizes! 

2.  Participate in our  first ever PARTY HAT CONTEST
Create a party hat celebrating our 6 year anniversary...there's a photo
below of what I'm talking about....EVERY entry will be entered into a
special drawing for a great goodie bag & customers will vote on
their favorite hat...the winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to
About Memories & More.  How cool is that???

3.  You'll want to stop in often to see what we're up to between
now & November 1st....some days you'll get extra raffle tickets,
some days you'll find a special sale...& some days we'll have other
tricks up our sleeves!

Here's the party hat photo that inspired the contest....


And here are the goodie bags for the raffle prizes (and they are GREAT!)



Sunday, October 21, 2007

Little America Bridal Fair

We participated in the Little America Bridal Fair today .... I have
to say, our booth was beautiful!  Our colors were ivory, gold &
turquoise (aka Tiffany Blue) & it blended so well with the
ballroom.  Here are a few photos taken before the action
started....the samples will be at the store for you to see &
soon...not today...but soon...I will post an album with close ups of the
things we made. 






Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Amazing... Ali Edwards...Really.


Simply put, this book is AMAZING.  It is changing the way I think about my own scrapbooking.  It can be life altering if you take the time to think about what she's saying.  Ali Edwards
makes you think about life....scrapbooking....things you're passionate
about....the quotes & comments lead to inner reflection...if you
want it.  Otherwise, you can just peruse the pages of a way cool
idea book & leave the deep stuff alone.  But either way, I
promise you'll love it!  And you know what?  Her other two
books are simply fabulous, too! 

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

New stuff...

Check out some of our new stuff from:


Crafty Secrets and...


Hambly Studios...more below...



Come on in & check out even MORE new products, while enjoying the
fabulously wonderful 40% of table-on sale Wednesday, 10/17/07 only!

Monday, October 15, 2007


(Photo shows 2.5 million plastic bottles...the number used in the US every hour.)

Today is Blog Action Day
and bloggers around the web will unite to put a single important issue
on everyone's it's the environment.  My good friend
Audra found this photo of the discarded bottles a few weeks ago and
passed it on to me.  It made such an impact in my life that for
Scrap Pink we didn't pass out water bottles.  And yesterday at the
grocery store, I checked the bottom of every plastic container to see if
it could be recycled.  If it wasn't a #1 or #2, I put it
back.  Also, I've started bringing my own bags to the grocery
store.  Speaking of bags, the bags we use in the store are recycled
paper.  If you would like to bring your bags in with you on your
next visit, we'll gladly re-use them.  Just make sure all your
treasures are out of them first!  And we have two recycle bins in
the if we can just get people to put their trash
somewhere else.....

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Dang, I have a lot to say today....kinda crazy!  We're busily
putting out new family papers & embellishemnts from DeJa View....and
even more holiday from Daisy D's....I guess you could even call us
frantic!  I'll post photos asap....but in the meantime, check out
our Wednesday sale for 10/10/07...20% off all fall &'s a great deal & the stuff is soooo cool! 

Ohhh, and when you're here & purchase $25 or more in Technique Tuesday products, I'll give you a free limited edition Bitty Banner stamp set
(while supplies last).  This is for blog readers's not
in the regular come in early to get your set and tell us you
saw it on the blog!

See you soon!

In Memory

My mom helped a customer, Suzi Noyes, design a memorial book for her
mom, Janet Smith.  Little did we know that Suzi would create 70 of
these masterpieces.  They are so beautiful, we have to share. 
(Click on the photo & it will be bigger for you to see
better.)  And once you see this amazing book you'll be in awe of
this amazing woman! 

P1020169 P1020170 P1020161

P1020162 P1020163 P1020164_2 P1020165 P1020166 P1020167 

Rachel you ROCK!

Look what the cute UPS man brought today from my very good friend....


Had to take the photo against the green wall...very cool!  Love
those party hats!  Especially this one!  Thanks, Rachel!


Can't forget the new Technique Tuesday stamps!

This is the best part  & I almost forgot!  Here is a
small sampling of the new Technique Tuesday clear acrylic stamps....they




New from Scenic Route, and We R Memory Keepers

Here's more that came in this week...LOVE it!


These are the BEST looking 3 ring binders around!  We R Memory
Keepers did an EXCELLENT job when they re-designed the 8 1/2 x 11 and
12x12 ring scrapbooks.  For all you vegans out there, they aren't
really can't see the fine print on the label....they are
"faux leather"....beautiful all the same!


Scenic Route makes some AMAZING papers & embellishments! 
This is only a sampling of the's double sided..and I can't
wait to use the Scrap Strips...they make super fast & super easy
pages...all you need is a piece of cardstock an a sheet of the Scrap
Strips & you're good to go!  Promise!


Rachel called yesterday & said I should be receiving a box from
her today with a project she made me....CANNOT WAIT!!!  And I have
to tell you that our customers are just AMAZING!  Friday I got to
see Jerry Seinfield because Lynne D.  couldn't use her tickets
& she thought of me.  How cool is that?!  And on that same
day, I got a box from Angie at the Maryland Westie Rescue filled with
shampoos for my little Westie who has terrible allergies (she was
passing through town & we chatted about Westies...she was a wealth
of knowledge).  Thank you ladies.  Truly, you made my
day!  I sent them both a GREAT thank you "note".  Here's a
link to the National Westie Rescue .  (Angie, send me your website & I'll change the link to yours.)

Time to get to work on the Bridal Fair projects...did I mention that
we're participating in the Little America Bridal Fair on Sunday, October
21st?  There are certain to be great ideas from us...and the other
vendors....for more than just weddings, too!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007