Thursday, September 6, 2007


Tomorrow is the day my daughter turns 13.  She'll officially be a
teenager.  I'm excited & a little scared, too.  90% of
the time, she's sweet, agreeable & genuinely fun to be around. 
Then teenager in her rears it's ugly head at the most odd &
inappropriate front of friends (over homework)...screaming,
yes screaming at me, because it's time to do her homework (like it's my
fault she has homework)...bursting into tears for no reason....ahhh, the
frustration of being a teen.  I try to remember how I felt as a
teen & try to be more understanding....I need to practice it more,
the understanding part. 

She's having a little sleepover/bowling party with just a few
friends.  She made her own invitations, which, I might add, are
very cute...all piratey & pink (I should post it...hmmmmm) I
made her goodie bags to kinda match.  I found clearance, oversized
plastic pencil boxes at Target this morning & filled them with
goodies fit for a teen....we have a few boys coming bowling so I got
them some non-girly stuff & had my mom make goodie bags out of
packing material.  Very cool!  I think she'll be
pleased.  Here are some quick snapshots:


Kendall's favorite candy, gum & stuff from the Target $1 bins....she's going to love them!


The skulls are epoxy stickers that we just got in from Creative
Imaginations.  I left them on their clear backing & cut them
out.  Poked a hole in their head & put a jump ring in. 
Attached them to the checkerboard ribbon with small, sheer black
ribbon.  They're cooler in very fun!

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