Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Our customer, Anna, got a new car....a Mini Cooper!  I'm sure
you all know that I LOVE my Anna has one, too & she
LOVES it!  Why do we love them?  Great gas mileage, lots of
room, very peppy, and, well, they're pretty darn cute!  And having a
Mini is like being in a secret club.  When you are in your Mini
& pass another, they wave at you.  It's just a happy car! 
Happy Motoring, Anna!



  1. Yes, WOW, I saw Anna, her husband, their son Jack & their dog all in
    that little mini on Sunday at the Farmers Market! It is roomy, amazing!
    They looked like they were enjoying it, congratulations to the LaBenz!
    Roni Hyndman

  2. Hey Kirsten!
    Hope you are having a blast and don't forget to look for a Poinsettia
    stamp for me! ha ha See ya soon, luv, Roni