Monday, September 17, 2007

Meeting Stacy Julien & Ali Edwards....Amazing!

It has been a fantastic day!  I'm in Las Vegas with my hubby
& boy do I have lots to tell you!  Today was all about
classes....loved them all!  Met Stacy Julien
in my first class...she was so amazingly sweet!  She was very
approachable & a fantastic teacher!  I'm sitting in the back of
the classroom (an unusal place for me, I like the front) & the next
thing I know, Ali Edwards
is whipering over my shoulder that she likes the pictures I'm
scrapping!  Many thanks to Audra!  You got a compliment from
my idol, Ali!  Wooohooo!  Here's the great page I made (part
of what was so great was the principals that I learned...and will be
teaching to you!):


The next class was with Ali Edwards
She is very cool.  She's funny....loud....has a sense of humor
that I totally get....& brought her husband along for the
ride.  I learned soooo much in her class!  My hubby took this
picture of us...yes, I know, it's very, not really
his thing.


The show starts tomorrow....very excited!  There are so many
companies I want to check out...keep a look out for new stuff...arriving
daily!  I hear my mom has been checking in new products as we
speak!  I gotta tell you, this is one great job!

I have been on this quest for a certain purse from Brighton. 
I've ordered never came...I've seen it one or two more
times...but play that "if it's there when I get back" game & it's
never there.  So after classes today, Don & I stopped by the
Brighton store in the Venetian.  No purse.  I am not meant to
have it, apparantly.  But I did find a fantastic peace necklace
that is so me.  I'd love the peace bracelet, too...hmmmm.....have to think on that one.


Going to back track to yesterday....Don & I left Flagstaff for
Las Vegas yesterday...I read two magazines...he listened to the
Cardinals game (which they actually won!)...I slept a bit....arrived
moderately refreshed.  We checked into our hotel, The Monte Carlo,
which, I might add isn't too shabby.  We walked around the
property a bit & there she was....Jeannie....I have this I Dream of Jeannie
nickle slots.  I tried to put $10 in two different machines &
they wouldn't take it.  In the meantime, my husband was blowing
through nickles like they were candy.  Finally found a machine that
would take my money & I won $60 (1200 nickles) me, that's
fantastic!  Love that Jeannie machine!  It's just fun! 
Then we went to dinner at this resturant called Diablo's
in our hotel.  2nd day it's been open.  The girls who seat
you...well, lets just say, they weren't hired for their speaking
skills.  Where else but in Vegas can you go to a resturant that has
a 20 foot naked devil on the roof?  Anyway, we ordered chips,
salsa & guacamole...the salsa...just ok...the guac was amazing (very
garlicy, Audra, sorry!) amazing, in fact, that I had to take a
picture of it....Don tried to wreck it's pristine beauty by eating it
first...but I beat him to it....literaly.  We both ordered taco
salads.  Wait til you see the pictures...Don wondered aloud how you
were supposed to eat something like that....turns out, you eat a taco a tostada.  Who knew?  Forty bucks later, we
were margaritas, though....the money freak in me just
couldn't spend $12 on a drink....ever.  I'm really working on my are some of the shots:

P1010904 P1010908 P1010909 P1010913 P1010905 P1010907

Just a little more back tracking....some family friends came to visit
us on Saturday...Bill & Jody...these two people mean the world to
me.  Very influencial in my teen
years.  Wouldn't be who I am without them.  And I'd like to
say thank you to them for being the amazing people that they are. 
Thank you, both! 

P1010900 P1010903


  1. i have been checking every day for an update (wasn't sure when you'd get
    there) and i LOVE your hair. i hope the ali class was perfect and that
    you come back brimming with ideas!!! btw, who is that tall handsome man
    you are with? woohoo! ;)

  2. WOW - so much to to catch up on, and you have only been gone 2.5 days!
    The guacamole does look delicious - but I can actually smell the garlic
    wafting through the air! I bet if I was there - you'd pony up the $12
    for a cocktail - I am the little pusher! The pictures turned out nice -
    I like the stoop one the best - the flash of your red purse at the
    bottom is just nice. Be safe coming home and I will see you Thursday