Sunday, September 30, 2007

Scrap Pink...A HUGE success!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first ever Scrap Pink
Event!  We raised lots of money for breast cancer research and 24
of you scrapbooked to your hearts content!  It was SO fun! 
We'll definately be planning another 3 Day event in the future! 
The winners of the raffle drawings were:  Pat LeBeaux (the Brighton
bracelet), Kim Brewster (the QuicKutz & alphabet) and Helen
Horstman (the $200 gift bag).  Congratualtions ladies!


Here's Pat...she's the best!  Love it when she comes to visit!  She's so much fun!


And here's Helen...she is QUITE the scrapbooker!  Gets tons of pages done! And she's sweet as can be!

We have more photos to share...but they're on Sherry's camera...I'll
post them soon!  Oh, and Sherry, you are AWESOME!  I would not
have made it through this weekend without you!  Really.  You
ROCK!  And Bridget & Jenna, you gals were great, too! 
Bridget makes a mean brownie...anything with a Rolo in it HAS to be
good!  (I hid the leftovers in the freezer...I can't wait to eat
them!)  And Sharon, you make the BEST olive tapanade I have ever
had in my life...and I LOVE tapanade!  (As you can see, we will all
need to be dieting this coming week...the food was SO fantastic...thank
you to my amazing husband!....and it was plentiful....there is no way
you could hava left hungry!) 

More to share soon....need to sleep....I have a HUGE Making Memories
order to check in tomorrow....which is'll LOVE it!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Raffle Prizes for Scrap Pink

We're selling raffle tickets for our Scrap Pink
event that benefit Susan G. Komen For The Cure.  They are
available for anyone to purchase.  Tickets are $5 each or 5 for
$20.  The prizes are GREAT!  We have a breast cancer charm
bracelet made by Brighton ($50)...a QuicKutz pink Squeeze tool with mini
Moxie alphabet AND a classic Moxie alphabet ($240)...and a tote filled
with scrappin' goodies ($200).  Tickets will be sold now through
Sunday, September 30th.  Winners will be called & names posted
on the blog.

Speaking of Sunday, you know we're not open on Sundays.  Well,
this Sunday, 9/30,  we are open from 8 am to 4 pm.  It's the
final day of our Scrap Pink crop and the store will be open to
everyone.  We'd love to see you! 

Here are the prizes (I LOVE this bracelet!):




Monday, September 24, 2007

I have a new Nephew

Meet Andrew Jay, also known as AJ...born at 6:31 am today...5 lbs 14
oz...18.5 inches long...and just beautiful.  Congratulations, Dave
& Kris!


My friend has a new "baby"...

Isn't he cute!  He's a chiuhahua...well, he's apparantly
something that I can't spell.  But he is darn cute.  He's
still nameless....I think Chewy, Taquito & Jeff Gordon are in the
running.  Not sure Jeff Gordan wants to have a 1 1/2 pound dog
named after him....but maybe.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New from Technique Tuesday, My Mind's Eye & Crafty Secrets

Here's a sneak peak at the new products that will be arriving shortly
from Technique Tuesday, My Mind's Eye & Crafty Secrets...there are
lots & lots more things coming....manufacturers claim they'll be
here end of this week....we'll see about that!  I can say that
we've gotten in tons of products this week!  Check out our
Halloween (love that holiday!) & Christmas before they're gone!


Monday, September 17, 2007

Meeting Stacy Julien & Ali Edwards....Amazing!

It has been a fantastic day!  I'm in Las Vegas with my hubby
& boy do I have lots to tell you!  Today was all about
classes....loved them all!  Met Stacy Julien
in my first class...she was so amazingly sweet!  She was very
approachable & a fantastic teacher!  I'm sitting in the back of
the classroom (an unusal place for me, I like the front) & the next
thing I know, Ali Edwards
is whipering over my shoulder that she likes the pictures I'm
scrapping!  Many thanks to Audra!  You got a compliment from
my idol, Ali!  Wooohooo!  Here's the great page I made (part
of what was so great was the principals that I learned...and will be
teaching to you!):


The next class was with Ali Edwards
She is very cool.  She's funny....loud....has a sense of humor
that I totally get....& brought her husband along for the
ride.  I learned soooo much in her class!  My hubby took this
picture of us...yes, I know, it's very, not really
his thing.


The show starts tomorrow....very excited!  There are so many
companies I want to check out...keep a look out for new stuff...arriving
daily!  I hear my mom has been checking in new products as we
speak!  I gotta tell you, this is one great job!

I have been on this quest for a certain purse from Brighton. 
I've ordered never came...I've seen it one or two more
times...but play that "if it's there when I get back" game & it's
never there.  So after classes today, Don & I stopped by the
Brighton store in the Venetian.  No purse.  I am not meant to
have it, apparantly.  But I did find a fantastic peace necklace
that is so me.  I'd love the peace bracelet, too...hmmmm.....have to think on that one.


Going to back track to yesterday....Don & I left Flagstaff for
Las Vegas yesterday...I read two magazines...he listened to the
Cardinals game (which they actually won!)...I slept a bit....arrived
moderately refreshed.  We checked into our hotel, The Monte Carlo,
which, I might add isn't too shabby.  We walked around the
property a bit & there she was....Jeannie....I have this I Dream of Jeannie
nickle slots.  I tried to put $10 in two different machines &
they wouldn't take it.  In the meantime, my husband was blowing
through nickles like they were candy.  Finally found a machine that
would take my money & I won $60 (1200 nickles) me, that's
fantastic!  Love that Jeannie machine!  It's just fun! 
Then we went to dinner at this resturant called Diablo's
in our hotel.  2nd day it's been open.  The girls who seat
you...well, lets just say, they weren't hired for their speaking
skills.  Where else but in Vegas can you go to a resturant that has
a 20 foot naked devil on the roof?  Anyway, we ordered chips,
salsa & guacamole...the salsa...just ok...the guac was amazing (very
garlicy, Audra, sorry!) amazing, in fact, that I had to take a
picture of it....Don tried to wreck it's pristine beauty by eating it
first...but I beat him to it....literaly.  We both ordered taco
salads.  Wait til you see the pictures...Don wondered aloud how you
were supposed to eat something like that....turns out, you eat a taco a tostada.  Who knew?  Forty bucks later, we
were margaritas, though....the money freak in me just
couldn't spend $12 on a drink....ever.  I'm really working on my are some of the shots:

P1010904 P1010908 P1010909 P1010913 P1010905 P1010907

Just a little more back tracking....some family friends came to visit
us on Saturday...Bill & Jody...these two people mean the world to
me.  Very influencial in my teen
years.  Wouldn't be who I am without them.  And I'd like to
say thank you to them for being the amazing people that they are. 
Thank you, both! 

P1010900 P1010903

Thursday, September 13, 2007

New Hair

Lately, I've been channeling Elsie & Ali....scrapbooking rock
stars....or at least trying too.  Elsie's new hair inspired my new
do...& I LOVE it!  I was scared, but all I gotta say is, take a only live once!


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New idea books from Simple Scrapbooks

Ok, this book is AMAZING!  I LOVE the quizes!  I LOVE the
layouts!  I pretty much LOVE everything about this idea book. 
It's not about copying the ideas, necessarily.  It's about giving
you a place to start making creative & meaningful scrapbook
pages.  You will LOVE it, too!

I get asked for idea books on how to organize your scrapbook
space...daily.  Well, my friends, this is the book for you! 
And it is MORE than an organizational tool.  You'll love the
rooms...they're clean & pretty, what's not to LOVE!  But more
than that, you'll love their approach to scrapbooking, crafting &
just living each day with inspiration. 

These books are not going to last long....they're that good.  Honest.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Our customer, Anna, got a new car....a Mini Cooper!  I'm sure
you all know that I LOVE my Anna has one, too & she
LOVES it!  Why do we love them?  Great gas mileage, lots of
room, very peppy, and, well, they're pretty darn cute!  And having a
Mini is like being in a secret club.  When you are in your Mini
& pass another, they wave at you.  It's just a happy car! 
Happy Motoring, Anna!


  Wow!  You won't beleive all the beautiful, new items
we've gotten in!  Papers so pretty you could hang them in a frame
on the wall....very cool Halloween embellishments....and the holiday
paper & embellishments are simply stunning! 

To make room for all this fabulous-ness, our sale table is just over
flowing with products you're sure to love!  And the deal is getting
sweeter....this week, take 60% off everything on our sale table & in our clearnce area!  Yes, you read that right, 60% off! 

Here are a couple of cute photos from my daughters 13th birthday party this weekend...Enjoy!


We had 4 girls plus Kendall Friday night.  They were so loaded
up on sugar & the rush of a sleepover that they stayed up until 4:00
AM.  I was so tired for our garage sale the next day....holy moly
those girls were giggly! 


The frosting on the cupcakes was sooo good!  I made it with
butter, so as the day got hotter, the frosting just melted into little
puddles all over the table.  Looked like little pooh's everywhere!


Ray-Ray loved the frosting!  This is his "CHEESE" smile.


Not the best picture, but the one that got all of my sweet little nephews.

Thursday, September 6, 2007


Tomorrow is the day my daughter turns 13.  She'll officially be a
teenager.  I'm excited & a little scared, too.  90% of
the time, she's sweet, agreeable & genuinely fun to be around. 
Then teenager in her rears it's ugly head at the most odd &
inappropriate front of friends (over homework)...screaming,
yes screaming at me, because it's time to do her homework (like it's my
fault she has homework)...bursting into tears for no reason....ahhh, the
frustration of being a teen.  I try to remember how I felt as a
teen & try to be more understanding....I need to practice it more,
the understanding part. 

She's having a little sleepover/bowling party with just a few
friends.  She made her own invitations, which, I might add, are
very cute...all piratey & pink (I should post it...hmmmmm) I
made her goodie bags to kinda match.  I found clearance, oversized
plastic pencil boxes at Target this morning & filled them with
goodies fit for a teen....we have a few boys coming bowling so I got
them some non-girly stuff & had my mom make goodie bags out of
packing material.  Very cool!  I think she'll be
pleased.  Here are some quick snapshots:


Kendall's favorite candy, gum & stuff from the Target $1 bins....she's going to love them!


The skulls are epoxy stickers that we just got in from Creative
Imaginations.  I left them on their clear backing & cut them
out.  Poked a hole in their head & put a jump ring in. 
Attached them to the checkerboard ribbon with small, sheer black
ribbon.  They're cooler in very fun!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

New product is out & ready for you

Whew...I am dog tired.  Today I made room for all the fabulous new goodies we've gotten in this week:  Cloud 9, Heidi Grace, Making Memories, Anna Griffin, Creative Imaginations, EK Success, Bo Bunny....the
list goes on & on.  Still have to make some displays, but I
think you'll  be quite pleased with all the new fall, Halloween,
Christmas, & just everyday stuff that has come in. 

To make room, I had to pull a lot of still really fabulous
stuff:  paper (TWO whole baskets of paper), stickers, Disney,
punches, displays, and really, just so much stuff....and it's on sale
for 50% off until Saturday, 9/8).  You'll definately want to check
out the killer deals!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Downtown photo experiment

Went downtown this morning...early...took these great photos (see,
there is way cool stuff to photograph in Flagstaff...what was I