Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Roommate wanted...and MORE

We have a very nice customer looking for a roommate to share a hotel
room at the CK Convention in Phoenix next month.  If you're
interested, please email with your name & phone number & we'll pass the info onto Kara so you can work out the details. 

On another note, we're having an awesome sale through Saturday! 
We're getting ready for all the new products that are coming in (we're
getting Creative Cafe...I am SO excited & you'll LOVE it!...only 200
stores nationwide were allowed to purchase it & we're one of them!)
so we've had to make some room.  The sale stuff is 40% off...and
it's GREAT stuff!  I can only fit so much inside our walls so some
has to stop by for a great sale and some treats!  I'm in
the mood for popcorn & cookies today (no wonder my pants don't fit
so well).

Speaking of new products arriving, the new Basic Grey is here...and
almost ready to today, I swear!  And new Anna Griffin
Christmas...just beautiful!...will be checked in asap, too.  Oooo,
the new EK Success Christmas Jolees and flat stickers just
arrived...very cute...& paper....and these awesome, pre-done
scrapbooks that come in Mickey, Princess, baby boy, baby girl,
Christmas...maybe one or two more.  The Melissa Frances fall &
Christmas papers are here, too.  Actually, there is so much new
that I'll keep saying "and, and..." so, come in & check it
won't be disappointed!

Soon, very soon, we will have 3 new dies for the Accu-cut
machine:  a maple leaf, an oak leaf & a rounded leaf.  I
cannot wait!  I want to make a fall leaf wreath out of paper soooo
bad!  If you haven't checked out our die cut machine, you're
missing out!  We have the coolest boxes, bags, file folders, cards
& our 4" roman letters.  It's easy to use...& FREE when you
buy the paper at our store.  Makes it so EASY to be
creative!  Apparantly, I cannot walk by an Accu-cut booth at a
trade show without spending a small fortune...I love those dies, just
LOVE them!  Come check out my "obsession"!

1 comment:

  1. I had no idea that you were getting leaves in for the Accu-Cut . . .
    I'll be making MY appearance shortly to use those bad boys!