Thursday, August 16, 2007

My daughter started 7th grade today.  I had forgotten that when
you are almost 13 that you know EVERYTHING and that your mother is an
idiot.  The girl who has never been to middle school all of a
sudden knows that it's not cool to take a lunch bag.  And I know
nothing about fashion & she's an expert now.  Just look at the
handcuff earring she purchased with her own money the other day. 
Now, those are just cool.  What do I know?  Her dad is a
cop.  I see handcuffs in a completely different light.  She is
certain that her dad & I single handedly instituted this completely
unreasonable dress code.  Yes, she said it was us & actually, I
think it could be stricter.  Aren't we AWFUL?  And don't we
have a LOT of power?  And all of a sudden she's too cool for just
about everything.  She has a look of complete boredom & disdain
for all things parental.  She is so totally cool now.  It's
very funny...and sad at the same time.  Ahhhhh.....take it all with
a grain of salt.  Right?

Can you just feel the coolness?



  1. The Safeway grocery sack made me chuckle. I see you chose to pick your battles!

  2. I feel your pain. Jake at 12 1/2 and Robert at 11 1/2, and we still home school. Often wonder if school would help???
    Wish I could say something worth while.
    I am in a pickle.