Sunday, August 5, 2007

A marvelous weekend

I have to say, this was the best weekend!  Saturday, my dear
friend Audra had a birthday party for me at her house.  We had lots
of excellent food, excellent company, and best of all, excellent
pomegranate martinis!  Audra is quite the party person.  If
you need party ideas, she's your gal.  Her food is always perfect
and the way she sets everything up is perfect, too!  My party was
centered around pomegranate martinis (I'm a bit obsessed with
them).  We had pomegranate soda, pomegrante tea, pomegrante
truffles.  And she served a few of my favorite things.  Like
hummus.  But it wasnt' just any hummus.  She made it from
scratch.  (I usually eat the crap from Safeway. ) And she called a
friend who used to live in Greece & got an authentic recipe. 
WOW!  These things are important.  I for one apprecitated the
effort!  And to top it all off, Audra gave everyone miniature
martini glasses with miniature bottles of vodka as a party favor...very
cool.  And I quite enjoyed the lemon cupcakes (again, my
favorite!)...with the naked barbie's on top.  Well, not quite
naked...but very, very funny! 






  1. Glad you enjoyed yourself, it was my pleasure to host everyone!

  2. Kirsten, I think you are quite blessed to have a friend like Audra, wish she was mine, lol
    Happy 40th Birthday!!!! Love,
    Roni Hyndman (not the B-day card winner) ;)