Monday, August 20, 2007

Clean House

I have become obsessed with a show called Clean House
I'm not sure what happened....maybe it was the boring TV all
summer.  Maybe it was a way to avoid doing my own
housework...whatever it is I can't stop watching it.  The show is
about people who live in amazing disarray.  It's not a little
messy.  It's VERY messy....disgustingly so.  And that's what
sucks you in.  Because they are real people with a house way
messier than my own.  The Clean House people come in and tell the
owners that they really have to get rid of some stuff & sell it in a
garage sale.  Then the show matches up to $1000 for new decor
& their homes are transformed.  You should see the stuff they
want to hang on to.  Because it's their stuff, you want them to get
rid of it....if it were mine, I'd be just as attached.  And they
cry & have a fit, but ultimately get rid of stuff that has no
meaning in their lives.  I just LOVE it!

My obsession with Clean House began in April.  Since then, I've
thought I should get rid of stuff...which is good in theory.  Not
so easy to implement.  I put this HUGE pile of photos & stuff
I've collected (I hesitate to call it junk) in the middle of my family
room.  Since April.  Well, yesterday I finally went through
it...and tossed so much stuff.  It was liberating & kinda sad,
too.  My sister in law, who collects nothing, was "helping" me toss
things.  It was quite an experience.  Still more clutter to
rid myself of, but it's a start.  I don't want those Clean House
people to show up at my house!

Now my husband & I are systematically going through the house,
one room at a time & pulling stuff out for a grage sale.  A
really big garage sale.  Tonight, we tackle his closet.  He's
lost 35+ pounds this year & nothing in his closet fits.  Time
to buy some new clothes....

So the point to this whole post, is to encourage you to clean out
just one cluttered area in your house.  It could be your
desk.  Or your underwear drawer.  Even a small area of your
scrapbook table.  And when you're done?  Well, you'll feel
good.  Maybe even great.  It makes me feel good to get rid of
clutter.  It frees me up to create.  It's hard to create when
you're surrounded by crap. 

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  1. Congratulations on the crap unload!