Friday, August 31, 2007

Cleanin' out the clutter

I'm still on my obsessive quest to clean my house (and the store,
thus the sale table).  Frankly, I can't get it out of my
head.  Dream about it even.  Unfortunately, I have been dead
tired this week.  I haven't accomplished anything
At all.  Maybe it's the changing weather, but when I get home, I'm
ready for bed by 7....I actually try to push it to 8....but it's been hard
Garage sale is next husband would rather poke his eyes out
than do a garage sale....but he did clean out his 1/2 of the closet
today.  And then informed me I was the one with the clothes that
needed to go.  Very true.  Unfortunately, I have bunches of
those "If I only lose 10 lbs they'll fit again" clothes.  Hard to
part with.  Just do it...right? 

So after work this weekend, I'll be cleaning out closets, my guest
room, and then on to my photo project.  I was transferring all of
my photos from old albums into We R Memory Keepers 12x12 photo sleeves
& then found negatives behind a bunch of the photos.  I've been
quizzing everyone I can about what to do with my
negatives....toss?  keep?  scan to cd at Sam's Club? 
Ashton can't believe that I still have negatives....that I'm old enough
to have negatives.  She actually didn't think they made them
anymore.  haha, Ashton.  Made her make some calls ('cuz she
said I was old) & found negative sleeves at Photographic Works on
Switzer Canyon Road.  $22 for 100 sleeves to put in a 3 ring
binder.  That's what I'll be doing while watching "Ghost Whisperer"
tonight.  I have 100's (more like 1000's) of negatives.  I
just can't seem to part with them.  Everything is digital now, but I
still own a Nikon N80 SLR film camera, which, honestly, is
pretty new.  I would love to get a Nikon D80 digital camera, but,
whoohoo is that pricey!  Mostly I've been using my Lumix digital
camera, which I love, but I feel very amaturish.  I like holding
the big SLR's, even though I haven't figured them out.

I was reading all those blogs I love (links on the left side of this)
and have just been so motivated by their photography.  I was pooh
poohing the lack of great places with character to take pictures in
Flagstaff to Rachel...when all of a sudden I found myself downtown....oh my gosh, it's perfect!  I am so taking pictures downtown this weekend.  I want to take pictures like Elsie
and didn't think we had "cool" spots here.  Well, I was
wrong.  I've lived here most of my life & sometimes you don't
see what's right in front of you...

Speaking of Elsie,
if I weren't 40 years old, I would have my hair like hers.  Wish I
would have had the guts to do that when I was younger!  LOVE it!

Enjoy your weekend!  Find a place with character & snap a
few photos.  Email them to me & we'll post them on the
blog.  Happy trails!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Roommate wanted...and MORE

We have a very nice customer looking for a roommate to share a hotel
room at the CK Convention in Phoenix next month.  If you're
interested, please email with your name & phone number & we'll pass the info onto Kara so you can work out the details. 

On another note, we're having an awesome sale through Saturday! 
We're getting ready for all the new products that are coming in (we're
getting Creative Cafe...I am SO excited & you'll LOVE it!...only 200
stores nationwide were allowed to purchase it & we're one of them!)
so we've had to make some room.  The sale stuff is 40% off...and
it's GREAT stuff!  I can only fit so much inside our walls so some
has to stop by for a great sale and some treats!  I'm in
the mood for popcorn & cookies today (no wonder my pants don't fit
so well).

Speaking of new products arriving, the new Basic Grey is here...and
almost ready to today, I swear!  And new Anna Griffin
Christmas...just beautiful!...will be checked in asap, too.  Oooo,
the new EK Success Christmas Jolees and flat stickers just
arrived...very cute...& paper....and these awesome, pre-done
scrapbooks that come in Mickey, Princess, baby boy, baby girl,
Christmas...maybe one or two more.  The Melissa Frances fall &
Christmas papers are here, too.  Actually, there is so much new
that I'll keep saying "and, and..." so, come in & check it
won't be disappointed!

Soon, very soon, we will have 3 new dies for the Accu-cut
machine:  a maple leaf, an oak leaf & a rounded leaf.  I
cannot wait!  I want to make a fall leaf wreath out of paper soooo
bad!  If you haven't checked out our die cut machine, you're
missing out!  We have the coolest boxes, bags, file folders, cards
& our 4" roman letters.  It's easy to use...& FREE when you
buy the paper at our store.  Makes it so EASY to be
creative!  Apparantly, I cannot walk by an Accu-cut booth at a
trade show without spending a small fortune...I love those dies, just
LOVE them!  Come check out my "obsession"!

Scrap Pink

Click on the flyer below, print it out & bring it in to sign up
for Scrap Pink.  You won't want to miss this awesome event!


Monday, August 27, 2007

We've been busy at the shop checking in new products....we just got
some pretty amazing albums from We R Memory Keepers....they're called
Classic Leather, but they're really "leather look".  We have 6x6,
8x8, and 12x12.  Really beautiful!  And the new Bohemia line
(from the post below) is a great hit!  And now we have new fall
paper from Melissa Frances....some amazing chipboard albums....and 12x12

We keep adding to that 40% off table....check it out for some really
killer deals!  There are discontinued QuicKutz, stickers, tons of
punches, xyron, spools of ribbon & MORE!  We're making room for
all the new, fabulous beauties that are coming in the door

Finally posted the September calendar and photos of the classes to
the left.  Lots of fun projects!  And our Scrap Pink event is
ready to go!  We're hosting a 3 day crop, Friday, September 28th
through Sunday, September 30th...30 hours of scrapbooking for
$100.  Includes tons of food, a great goody bag, make-n-takes,
& $10 of the fee goes to breast cancer research.  Can't come
all 3 days?  You can register for individual days, too.  Give
us a call if you have any questions.  It's going to be a lot of

Monday, August 20, 2007

Look what's new: Bohemia 2 from My Mind's Eye

Clean House

I have become obsessed with a show called Clean House
I'm not sure what happened....maybe it was the boring TV all
summer.  Maybe it was a way to avoid doing my own
housework...whatever it is I can't stop watching it.  The show is
about people who live in amazing disarray.  It's not a little
messy.  It's VERY messy....disgustingly so.  And that's what
sucks you in.  Because they are real people with a house way
messier than my own.  The Clean House people come in and tell the
owners that they really have to get rid of some stuff & sell it in a
garage sale.  Then the show matches up to $1000 for new decor
& their homes are transformed.  You should see the stuff they
want to hang on to.  Because it's their stuff, you want them to get
rid of it....if it were mine, I'd be just as attached.  And they
cry & have a fit, but ultimately get rid of stuff that has no
meaning in their lives.  I just LOVE it!

My obsession with Clean House began in April.  Since then, I've
thought I should get rid of stuff...which is good in theory.  Not
so easy to implement.  I put this HUGE pile of photos & stuff
I've collected (I hesitate to call it junk) in the middle of my family
room.  Since April.  Well, yesterday I finally went through
it...and tossed so much stuff.  It was liberating & kinda sad,
too.  My sister in law, who collects nothing, was "helping" me toss
things.  It was quite an experience.  Still more clutter to
rid myself of, but it's a start.  I don't want those Clean House
people to show up at my house!

Now my husband & I are systematically going through the house,
one room at a time & pulling stuff out for a grage sale.  A
really big garage sale.  Tonight, we tackle his closet.  He's
lost 35+ pounds this year & nothing in his closet fits.  Time
to buy some new clothes....

So the point to this whole post, is to encourage you to clean out
just one cluttered area in your house.  It could be your
desk.  Or your underwear drawer.  Even a small area of your
scrapbook table.  And when you're done?  Well, you'll feel
good.  Maybe even great.  It makes me feel good to get rid of
clutter.  It frees me up to create.  It's hard to create when
you're surrounded by crap. 

Thursday, August 16, 2007

My daughter started 7th grade today.  I had forgotten that when
you are almost 13 that you know EVERYTHING and that your mother is an
idiot.  The girl who has never been to middle school all of a
sudden knows that it's not cool to take a lunch bag.  And I know
nothing about fashion & she's an expert now.  Just look at the
handcuff earring she purchased with her own money the other day. 
Now, those are just cool.  What do I know?  Her dad is a
cop.  I see handcuffs in a completely different light.  She is
certain that her dad & I single handedly instituted this completely
unreasonable dress code.  Yes, she said it was us & actually, I
think it could be stricter.  Aren't we AWFUL?  And don't we
have a LOT of power?  And all of a sudden she's too cool for just
about everything.  She has a look of complete boredom & disdain
for all things parental.  She is so totally cool now.  It's
very funny...and sad at the same time.  Ahhhhh.....take it all with
a grain of salt.  Right?

Can you just feel the coolness?


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday Inspiration

Once a month my grilfriends & I get together for Art Nite &
tons of fun.  We eat, drink & make merry crafts.  This art
night Audra is hosting us with lemon cupcakes & sangria...a perfect
compliment to the evening!  Our project was inspired by the lovely
party hats on Teresa McFayden's
Blog.  Teresa's birthday was last month & her blogging friends
sent her boxes & boxes of handmade party hats (I see a contest in
our future!).  They are so very cool!  They are so easy to
make...hope mine (or Teresa's) inspire you to create!


Our Rusty Pickle Journey

Lance from Rusty Pickle came to visit on Saturday.  He was a
little sleep deprived, but once he got going, he was movin'! 
Everyone had a great time...he taught a beautiful Rustic Journey
Accordion Tag book...told very silly jokes...consumed many
cupcakes...and was very entertaining!  Here are some photos from
the class.



We have a couple of kits left...they come with instructions & color photos.  


Jeannie was teacher's pet...lucky girl!


Lynn & her project....lots & lots of pieces for this project!


Lance, the Pickle Man, himself.  Many, many customers came in on
Saturday wanting to know why a guy was teaching a class.  Well,
because he's amazing!


The happy class, minus a couple...Thanks, Lance!

Cosmo Cricket Album

Sherry came into work on Friday with the most AMAZING mini's from Creative Imaginations...and the beautiful paper &
embellishments are from Cosmo Cricket's new "Gretel" line.  It is
simply beautiful!  Thank you Sherry.  You're amazing! 
And yes, we'll be having a class on this sometime soon...promise.


P1010652 P1010651_2

Thursday, August 9, 2007

More new Making Memories

These new chipboard buttons & clear, self adhesive
letters and flowers from Making Memories are amazing!  They come in
bunches of colors and did I mention the clear letters & flowers are self adhesive????



Making Memories Halloween 3

This just in...awesome Halloween paper & embelishments from Making Memories.  LOVE it!


Sunday, August 5, 2007

A marvelous weekend

I have to say, this was the best weekend!  Saturday, my dear
friend Audra had a birthday party for me at her house.  We had lots
of excellent food, excellent company, and best of all, excellent
pomegranate martinis!  Audra is quite the party person.  If
you need party ideas, she's your gal.  Her food is always perfect
and the way she sets everything up is perfect, too!  My party was
centered around pomegranate martinis (I'm a bit obsessed with
them).  We had pomegranate soda, pomegrante tea, pomegrante
truffles.  And she served a few of my favorite things.  Like
hummus.  But it wasnt' just any hummus.  She made it from
scratch.  (I usually eat the crap from Safeway. ) And she called a
friend who used to live in Greece & got an authentic recipe. 
WOW!  These things are important.  I for one apprecitated the
effort!  And to top it all off, Audra gave everyone miniature
martini glasses with miniature bottles of vodka as a party favor...very
cool.  And I quite enjoyed the lemon cupcakes (again, my
favorite!)...with the naked barbie's on top.  Well, not quite
naked...but very, very funny! 





Mia on the mend

My little westie, Mia, is home from the vet.  Four nights &
$1200 later (holy cow!) we know now she has Addison's Disease (something
to do with hormones) and continues to have a liver problem.  But
she's back to her happy, crazy, westie self...westies are NOT calm
dogs...when they aren't spastic, you have to take them to the vet. 
Crazy.  But I love her just the same.  Here we are this
morning...uncombed hair (both of us) and all:


Thursday, August 2, 2007

Slight change in plans for Rusty Pickle classes...

Slight change in plans for the Rusty Pickle classess....Lance will be
here from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm to teach the Rustic Journey Altered Tag
Accordion Envelope Album class.  Cost is $40.00.  Call us at
928-526-9292 to reserve your spot!  I'm having trouble pasting the
image here, but you can click on this link Download rusticjourneyemail1.pdf and view this awesome
project!  Lance won't be teaching the Pirate Book class, but kits
will be available for purchase while Lance is here.  And if you'd
just like the kit for the Rustic Journey class, they will also be
available for purchase.