Saturday, July 28, 2007

Fun at the All Day Crop

Audra & I started out our day with a martini tasting in my
office.  Now, I don't drink regularly.  But we are having a
martini party & wanted to find the best recipe for a pomegranate
martini.  So she brought in three to try.  I have to say, the
recipe Oprah recommends is by far the best.  But again, I'm not
much of a drinker and the few little sips I had made me quite
giggly.  Maybe more Saturdays should start with martinis!

Our all day croppers look hard at work in these photos.  But
don't let them fool you.  They were practically rolling on the
floor over silly jokes.  Surprised?  I'm not.  They were
having a GREAT time.  And that's all that counts.  I didn't
get a picture of her today, but Betty is amazing!  She's made
something like 36 layouts since last night.  Yes, since last night!  Can you believe it?P1010525

Meganne & Michelle...looking quite studious.


This is Kris.  She's a rocket scientist.  Really.


Lyn has to make everything twice.  She has twin grandkids.


Linda was making some incredible pages today.  Way to go!

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