Monday, July 23, 2007

Back from the Magic Kingdom


We're back from Disneyland...had a BLAST!  Good friends=a GREAT
time!  I have my photos being processed as we speak...hoping to
have a vacation album class for August!  You can check out our
"professional" photos to the right. 

Here's who we went with left to right: 

back row:  Don, Kirsten, Dave, Audra  next row:  Maria, Leah, Kendall, bottom row:  Nathan & Mackenzie

(If you're heading to Disneyland
& California Adventure I highly recommend letting the park
photographers take your picture.  They give you a photo pass card
& everytime you see one of them you have them take your
picture.  We were able to get 92 mostly great photos on a CD for 60
bucks.  When I was there in January it was $120.  It is such
an AWESOME deal.  You save tons of money being able to print them
yourself at Sam's Club or anywhere you choose.  Otherwise, it's
about twelve bucks a photos.  Crazy!)

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  1. Too bad we couldn't have stayed longer. Great photos and of course - a SUPERB time!