Monday, July 16, 2007

And these are the days of our lives.....

It's been one of those days.  Actually, one of those
weekends.  Take the good with the bad, right?  Ugh. 
Someone used a counterfit bill at the store this weekend.  We
didn't catch it.  The bank did.  I'm mortified.  And I
feel stupid.  I'm married to a cop.  I have a degree in
criminal justice.  I watch CSI religiously.  You'd think I'd
have caught it.  But no.  The gal at the bank caught it and
reinforced that I should feel stupid.  I've never seen a counterfit
bill.  Have you?  And on Saturday night my dog got sprayed by
a skunk.  Boy does she STINK!  And so does my
basement...still...after 3 days...good thing I'm leaving for a few
days!  Anyway, the funny thing about the skunk is that it's 11:30
Saturday night and we're all gaging because she smelled soooo bad. 
My husband gave her a bath (which didn't help at all) and remembered
you're supposed to wash them in tomato juice...we didn't have any of he washed her in...diced tomatoes!  When I got up the
next morning she had bits of tomato stuck all over her...and she still
stunk!  It wears off, right?? (We bought some stuff at the pet worked marginally.)

And on to the good stuff...and there's LOTS of good stuff happening with us. 
Kim came in on her day off to show us this book she made this
morning...out of a sheet of acrylic that she picked up at HomeCo. 
It is AMAZING.  Utterly.  Here are a couple of pictures:


Here are some of the inside pages:



Here's some more good, actually, GREAT news: 
the left side of the blog has a list of scrapper's blogs that we
love.  I don't know most of the people mentioned personally, but I
find their work & words to be inspiring...I love what they have to
say, the projects that they show, their innovation, just
everthing.  Imagine my surprise to find a comment posted to our
blog from Celine Navarro.  She's like a rock star in the
scrapbooking world!  I was so excited I called my friend Rachel
& we screamed like a couple of teenagers!  It's TOO COOL! 
So if you haven't clicked on Celine's blog, you should.  She has
some amazing projects on there.  I'm really drooling over the mini
book her mom made that is out of all different sizes of pages.  She
makes you think outside the box.  I LOVE THAT!

And even more good news:  I'm turning 40 on
Friday.  And I'm not even stressed...well, not about that
anyway.  And I'll be spending my birthday at Disneyland.  What
better place to turn 40!  Don't forget to turn in your cards for
the card contest...they're due Friday.  Our customers will be
voting on the cards next week...keep your eye out for some cool
cards!  Scroll down for the details on the card contest.

Since I'm going to Disneyland, I thought it would be
appropriate to have a Disney sale.  So, Tuesday, 7/17 thru
Saturday, 7/21, all of our instock Disney products will be 15%
off.  Tell us you saw it on the blog & we'll let you have 20%
off your Disney products!  It's just for stuff on hand and you
can't use that discount with any other coupon or discounts 

Oh, and don't forget to sign up for the AMAZING Rusty Pickle classes! 
Lance is sooo much fun...he's a great teacher!  And if you bring
him chocolate, he'll give you Rusty Pickle stuff.  It'll be his
third time visiting us...he's a celebrity!

Enjoy your day! 

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