Tuesday, July 31, 2007

August Coupon


Card Contest Results

The votes are in!  Below are the card contest winners. 
Congratulations, ladies!  Winners 1-4 all won $40 gift certificates
to About Memories and More and my favorite entry won a $25 gift
certificate to the store.  Come on by to pick up your prizes! 
All of the entries will be in the store for the next month.  Check
'em out...they're great!  And in case you only remember the number
you voted for, they are #6, #2, #14 & #1.  My favorite was #9.

And the card contest winners are....


First Place:  Roni Jones


Second Place:  Kris Naylor


Third Place:  Susan Mummey


Fourth Place:  Sharon Kennick


And my favorite:  Carol Fraley

Saturday, July 28, 2007

My little Westie....

My little Westie, Mia, is very sick today.  She has to spend the
weekend at the vet hooked up to IV's.  They have no idea what's
wrong.  Please send good puppy thoughts her way...thanks.

Not a real "manly" dog, I know, but she just loves my husband.121_3327_2

Fun at the All Day Crop

Audra & I started out our day with a martini tasting in my
office.  Now, I don't drink regularly.  But we are having a
martini party & wanted to find the best recipe for a pomegranate
martini.  So she brought in three to try.  I have to say, the
recipe Oprah recommends is by far the best.  But again, I'm not
much of a drinker and the few little sips I had made me quite
giggly.  Maybe more Saturdays should start with martinis!

Our all day croppers look hard at work in these photos.  But
don't let them fool you.  They were practically rolling on the
floor over silly jokes.  Surprised?  I'm not.  They were
having a GREAT time.  And that's all that counts.  I didn't
get a picture of her today, but Betty is amazing!  She's made
something like 36 layouts since last night.  Yes, since last night!  Can you believe it?P1010525

Meganne & Michelle...looking quite studious.


This is Kris.  She's a rocket scientist.  Really.


Lyn has to make everything twice.  She has twin grandkids.


Linda was making some incredible pages today.  Way to go!

Friday, July 27, 2007

August Classes

Images & an actual schedule are coming soon....I'm a little behind this week....sorry!

Tuesdays            10:30 am

8/7       $10 Pages:  “When you say nothing at all”

8/14    $10 Pages:  “If friends were flowers I’d pick you”

8/21    $10 Pages:  “Party Girls”

8/28    $10 Pages:  “Crazy for you”

Wednesday Kids Classes 3:00 pm

8/1       Really Big Composition Book $10

8/8       Back to School Notebook $10

8/22     “Friends” Mini Book $10

Wednesdays 6:30 pm

8/8      $10 Pages:  “Party Girls”

8/15    Techniques:  Intro to Altered Art $20

8/22    Fast & Easy Pages:  Three 2 page layouts $25


8/4       10:30 am       Cards $15

8/4       12:30 pm       Fast & Easy Pages:  Three 2 page layouts $25

8/11     10:00 am       Rusty Pickle Pirate Book

8/11                           Rusty Pickle Journey

8/18     10:00 am       Techniques:  Altered Art 3 (must take intro class first) $20

8/18     noon-6:00pm Half Day Crop $10

8/25     8-8                  All Day Crop $25

Midnight Madness

The following Fridays:  8/3, 8/10, 8/17, 8/24.  $10

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Now Hiring!

Do you love to scrapbook or paper craft?  Do you love to help
people?  Do you have a great attitude?  Need a part time
job?  Well, we're looking for a part time person to add to our
team!  We need someone who is able to work Monday thru Thursdays 2
pm to 6 pm, Fridays til Midnight & all day Saturdays.  Of
course, we won't work you all those hours, but that's when we need the
help.  All you need to do to apply is bring us a 2 page, 12x12
scrapbooked layout about why you want to work at About Memories and
More.  Include all your information:  name, address, phone,
resume & photos.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Back from the Magic Kingdom


We're back from Disneyland...had a BLAST!  Good friends=a GREAT
time!  I have my photos being processed as we speak...hoping to
have a vacation album class for August!  You can check out our
"professional" photos to the right. 

Here's who we went with left to right: 

back row:  Don, Kirsten, Dave, Audra  next row:  Maria, Leah, Kendall, bottom row:  Nathan & Mackenzie

(If you're heading to Disneyland
& California Adventure I highly recommend letting the park
photographers take your picture.  They give you a photo pass card
& everytime you see one of them you have them take your
picture.  We were able to get 92 mostly great photos on a CD for 60
bucks.  When I was there in January it was $120.  It is such
an AWESOME deal.  You save tons of money being able to print them
yourself at Sam's Club or anywhere you choose.  Otherwise, it's
about twelve bucks a photos.  Crazy!)

Monday, July 16, 2007

And the winner is....

We had a spur of the moment contest at the store sponsored by  Charlotte Treece won an Around the Block prize: Luxe Rolling Bag ($69 MSRP). Congratulations, Charlotte!Luxerollingbag

And these are the days of our lives.....

It's been one of those days.  Actually, one of those
weekends.  Take the good with the bad, right?  Ugh. 
Someone used a counterfit bill at the store this weekend.  We
didn't catch it.  The bank did.  I'm mortified.  And I
feel stupid.  I'm married to a cop.  I have a degree in
criminal justice.  I watch CSI religiously.  You'd think I'd
have caught it.  But no.  The gal at the bank caught it and
reinforced that I should feel stupid.  I've never seen a counterfit
bill.  Have you?  And on Saturday night my dog got sprayed by
a skunk.  Boy does she STINK!  And so does my
basement...still...after 3 days...good thing I'm leaving for a few
days!  Anyway, the funny thing about the skunk is that it's 11:30
Saturday night and we're all gaging because she smelled soooo bad. 
My husband gave her a bath (which didn't help at all) and remembered
you're supposed to wash them in tomato juice...we didn't have any of he washed her in...diced tomatoes!  When I got up the
next morning she had bits of tomato stuck all over her...and she still
stunk!  It wears off, right?? (We bought some stuff at the pet worked marginally.)

And on to the good stuff...and there's LOTS of good stuff happening with us. 
Kim came in on her day off to show us this book she made this
morning...out of a sheet of acrylic that she picked up at HomeCo. 
It is AMAZING.  Utterly.  Here are a couple of pictures:


Here are some of the inside pages:



Here's some more good, actually, GREAT news: 
the left side of the blog has a list of scrapper's blogs that we
love.  I don't know most of the people mentioned personally, but I
find their work & words to be inspiring...I love what they have to
say, the projects that they show, their innovation, just
everthing.  Imagine my surprise to find a comment posted to our
blog from Celine Navarro.  She's like a rock star in the
scrapbooking world!  I was so excited I called my friend Rachel
& we screamed like a couple of teenagers!  It's TOO COOL! 
So if you haven't clicked on Celine's blog, you should.  She has
some amazing projects on there.  I'm really drooling over the mini
book her mom made that is out of all different sizes of pages.  She
makes you think outside the box.  I LOVE THAT!

And even more good news:  I'm turning 40 on
Friday.  And I'm not even stressed...well, not about that
anyway.  And I'll be spending my birthday at Disneyland.  What
better place to turn 40!  Don't forget to turn in your cards for
the card contest...they're due Friday.  Our customers will be
voting on the cards next week...keep your eye out for some cool
cards!  Scroll down for the details on the card contest.

Since I'm going to Disneyland, I thought it would be
appropriate to have a Disney sale.  So, Tuesday, 7/17 thru
Saturday, 7/21, all of our instock Disney products will be 15%
off.  Tell us you saw it on the blog & we'll let you have 20%
off your Disney products!  It's just for stuff on hand and you
can't use that discount with any other coupon or discounts 

Oh, and don't forget to sign up for the AMAZING Rusty Pickle classes! 
Lance is sooo much fun...he's a great teacher!  And if you bring
him chocolate, he'll give you Rusty Pickle stuff.  It'll be his
third time visiting us...he's a celebrity!

Enjoy your day! 

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Rusty Pickle is coming to town!

Lance from Rusty Pickle will be here on Saturday, August 11th, to
teach two TERRIFIC classes!  The first class starts at 10:00 am and
is a Pirate book.  Cost is $45.00.  Class ends at 1:00
pm.  The second class starts at 1:30 pm and is a Rustic Journey tag
creation.  Cost is $40.00.  Class ends at 5:30 pm. 
These classes are truly amazing!  If you take both classes, we'll
take $10 off the total...from $85 to $75!  It's an incredible
deal!  (sorry to say, you cannot use any coupons for this
class...other than the stated discount for both classes.)  Space is
limited so call 526-9292 now to sign up!

Here's a sneak peek:



Download rusticjourneyemail1.pdf 

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Embellishments to go...


We put out a bunch of embellishments:  gems, buttons, chipboard,
flowers, etc...that you can purchase by the piece.  How cool is

Monday, July 9, 2007

Altered Art Class Samples

Img_3635 Img_3633 Img_3629 Img_3612 Img_3616_2 Img_3623
Our fabulous guest teacher, Sharon, is teaching Altered Art I on
Wednesday night (7/11/07 at 6:30 pm) and Altered Art II on Saturday
morning  (7/14/07 10:00 am).  Sharon's altered techniqes are
AMAZING!  At Altered Art I you'll learn all the cool terminology,
practice some techniques & leave just amazed at what you can
do.  At Altered Art II, you'll be learning some of these pictured
page treatments.  Sharon would love it if you'd take Altered Art I'll help you a whole bunch in the second class.  So give
us a call at 526-9292 to sign up now!  Each class is $20 and lasts
approximately 2 hours.  It's worth every penny! 

Wednesday, July 4, 2007