Monday, June 4, 2007


We came...we saw...we counted...and counted...and counted.  We
did inventory at the store this weekend.  We unearthed some long
lost treasures.  Did you know that we have over 40,000 sheets of
paper?  And my trusty helpers counted each and everyone of
them!  And we have over 15,000 embellishments.  That's just
the tip of the iceberg.  I'm too tired to even think but had to
thank everyone that helped (in no particular order):  Audra, Kim,
Richard (he's a counting fool!), Mom, Bob, Dad, Lyn, Ashton, Sherry,
Sharon, Kris (aka The Count, wah ha ha), Bridget, Wanda (my fabulous EK
rep), Don, Kendall, and Leah.  You all ROCK!  I cannot say
thank you enough!


  1. Glad to be of assistance! I'll expect coffee and bagels delivered fresh to the office each day for a month . . .

  2. Shoes Ordered, thank you!