Monday, June 18, 2007

Card Contest

It just dawned on me that in one month I'll be 40 (July 20th).  I
thought that 40 would come with more fan fare & stress.  I
remember my mom's 40th birthday as being tramatic.  That could be
because my brother & I destroyed the house...then he had me get her a
card, which was really sappy & so not him!  It was
not one of the better days of her life, I'm sure.  So I am
surprised to find myself almost at 40 and feeling...well, better than I
did at adoring my husband...lovin' being a
mom...really, just lovin' life.  And some how it's working out that
I'll be turing 40 at the Happiest Place on
Earth!  I'm hoping to be having a birthday party at Goofy's
Kitchen, which is funny, because no one I know would ever consider me
goofy, or even silly.  But I really want a party there. 

What better way to celebrate my birthday than to have a
contest!  We have four card categories, with four prizes. 
Here are the details:

  • The cateories are:  funny, fresh & funky, elegant, & altered.

  • Limit one entry per category.

  • Entries must be received between June 20th and July 20th, 2007.

  • I get to keep your cards...unless you really want it back...they are for me, right?

  • The winner's will each receive $40 to About Memories and More and
    will have their work posted here.  I'll even submit them to Paper
    Crafts for you!

  • Voting will take place the week of July 23rd, with the winner being announced on July 30th.

  • Make sure your name & phone number are on the back of each entry.

Here are some hints:

  • Make it personal.  It's all about conceited is that?!!  Well, it really just gives you focus.

  • Here are some things I like:  long walks with my dogs, hiking,
    mexican food, cake, purple, dark chocolate, dolphins, tattoos, reading
    (I'm a magazine & book junkie...can't get enough!), taking photos,
    scrapbooking (duh!), Saturday morning breakfasts at Cafe Espress (aka
    cafe slooowwww), grande non-fat lattes with 1 pump of sugar free
    cinnamon dolce from Starbucks, going to the movies (love, love, love the
    movies), summertime, the beach, Christian Bale, my Chaco sandals, High School Musical, and so much more!

  • Here are some things I don't like:  That over the hill stuff, won't win you any points.  So not funny
    WWE wrestling?  How does my husband watch that crap?  And
    sports, so not my thing.  Oh, and Italian food...gag.  Oh, and
    thanks Roni, yes, I don't care much for yellow or roses...yellow

So, have some fun.  Make some cards.  You could win! 
Our customers are voting, but I'll also give a prize to my very favorite
card.  Hopefully, I've given you some ideas about me...but if you
have questions, just ask!  You can ask my staff, my mom, my
friends, my husband, but if you ask my daughter, she'll probably steer
you in the wrong direction just for a laugh!


  1. So very sad that I didn't make the list of things that you like . . . I
    do realize though, you didn't want to hurt anyone elses feelings, but
    listing me as your favorite! I know where I really stand . . .

  2. She also hates yellow and roses! Don't feel bad Audra, she didn't even
    mention Heidi Swapp! lol ;-P