Tuesday, May 1, 2007

What's Happening....

May is a crazy month for scrapbook stores.  National Scrapbook
Day is Saturday, May 5th and we've decided to celebrate it all
month.  Keep your eye on our blog to see what we're up to....I have
many, many plans!  You never know when I might post a coupon or
special....or let you know about free make-n-takes & demos at the

During the month of May, we are offering 17 classes for $10.00 each
(plus, two midnight madnesses).  When you take any combination of
$10 classes from May 8th through May 31st we'll give you a FREE 12x12
Making Memories scrapbook!  Isn't that amazing?  After 10
classes, you'll have that album 1/2 way full!  If there is a class
that you want to take but isn't at a convenient time for you, you may
purchase a class kit for $10.00 and it will count towards your free

I'm still jet lagged (2 days later I still feel like I'm on a
ship...go figure) so I don't have everything posted yet.  But
here's what I do have ready:  photos of the classes are posted to
the right.  We have printed schedules for May at the store. 
All of the classes are up for display.  The AM&M girls worked
really hard while I was gone & made tons of graduation samples...and
even more samples using that new, way cool Art Blanche line that we
just got in.

Ohhhh....and the Wednesday sale for May 2nd is....drum roll,
please....40% off all in stock QuicKutz, Lasting Impressions and an
additional 40% off all clearance!  There are some serious deals to
be had on Wednesday!




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