Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Things I'm Lovin' Today

I was up at my normal time of 4:45 this morning for my daily walk with
my best bud, my husband & all of our dogs.    Yes, I know
it's early in the morning...very early.  Before the sun
comes up, actually.  But anyway, I found this walk to be most
inspiring.  I'm making a graduation cake for another best bud and I
was bouncing some ideas off of Audra.  The ideas in turn inspired
this AMAZING day for me!  I have sooo many FANTASTIC ideas for the
cake, for classes, for my family, for my house, just about
EVERYTHING!  Then I got ready for work and put on this cute little
dress that I got dirt cheap the other day and I felt FABULOUS!  Not
even my daughter's snarky remark about "why would you wear a dress
to work?" didn't bother me...a miracle in itself!  And then I
hopped in my cute little Mini Cooper & blasted my "Lord of the
Dance" soundtrack while I ran some errands.  Which in turn inspired
my blog today....10 things I'm Lovin' Today.  So here's my list
(subject to change daily!):

1. Kim:  Now what's not to love?  She's wildly
talented.  She's an excellent employee.  She's really fun to
be around!


2.  My Mini Cooper:  It makes me happy every single time I sit in it. 


3. A blueberry oat bar, a venti iced green tea & a FABULOUS idea
book....this one's all about how to use clear stamps...which are


4.  Clear stamps:  They take up way less room than
wood mounted stamps.  They're super easy to use & super easy
to store.  And the designs are hip & now....VERY fun!


5.  My Man in Uniform:  Something about that blue uniform makes my heart skip a beat...even after 18 years together.  Wooohooo!


6.  My Xyron 900 with the permanent adhesive cartridge
There are many things I love about this but the one I just discovered
that you can run transparency through it and it looks FANTASTIC when
stuck down on a page...or mini book as in this case.  It's great
for big stuff...little stuff, too, but I like to conserve it as much as
possible.  Love it!  Love it!  Love it!


7.  This incredibly fat cat I saw this morning:


8.  Groovy Reading Glasses:  We just got in these
funky reading glasses from Art Wear.  Love them!  Some are
hand painted....some are just cool.  And at $15 bucks, not a bad


9.  New Flower Dies for QuicKutz Revolution:  I just love this flower....used it on a scrapbook for a birthday party we're having at the store and it's just pure FUN!


10.  Herma Tabs & Dotto Dispensers:  We just got in these dispensers that come with a free refill...saves you $7.  Killer deal!


And here's my killer, cheap it!  It's super comfy
and you can wad it up in a ball & it still looks good.  Now,
that's my kind of dress!  My mother told me I look like I have
cleavage.  I've never had that problem....when I looked at the
picture, I saw that the subtle shading from my trip to the Caribbean is
enhancing my cleavage.  Whatever works, right?


Have a lovely day!

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  1. Love the Dress! Mom's right about the cleveage. Great post Kirsten - I can feel the excitement . . .