Friday, May 18, 2007



I have a great employee that I'd like to tell you about.  Sherry
has been working with us for about a year now.  She mostly works
weekends because she has a "real" opposed to this one, which
is a "fun" job.  Anyway, she's fantastic!  She designs many of
our class pages and displays in the store.  It seems that there is
no end to her beautiful pages & ideas.  I really wanted to
feature her today because I think she's so great...I even took a picture
of her, just in case you're not sure who she is.  But I forgot to
put my SD card in my camera...and now I can't get her picture off my's one of those days.  So here are a couple of her
FANTASTIC additions to our displays & classes....they're simply wonderful!  Sherry, you're AWESOME!  100_3091

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