Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Needing your advice...

I have just GOT to get a new camera.  My poor, beat up digital
Kodak Easyshare is just not cutting it anymore.  All of my pictures
are blurry...which is no good when you own a scrapbook store!  I
have a SLR Nikkon N80 and heard that there is a digital version of it
that my lenses will fit...but I think that it's out of my price range
(almost free would be good!).  And I heard that the Cannon Rebel
was great, but which one?  So, what is your favorite point and
shoot digital camera?  I'll be checking out Consumer Reports...but
nothing beats a real world recommendation from my fantastic
readers!  Shoot me an email at or post a comment to the blog.  I really, really apprecitate it! 


  1. Best of luck on the camera search. I have no ideas or input for you to
    consider. I will leave you with this thought though - if you could work
    on getting famous, the paparazzi could take all those photos for you.

  2. you know i don't have that real world experience like some of your
    customers...but i do love my rebel xt (the bigger megapixel xti is also
    really popular). easy to use and i think a great starting point.
    unfortunately all of the digital slr cameras are so stinking expensive.
    :( miss you!

  3. On the MSN homepage today, there is an article about comparing digital
    cameras. Thought you may want to check it out!

  4. For a reasonably priced camera the Canon ELPH series is great. I have a
    digital ELPH that is a few years old, but we still love it. If we
    adjust the settings to the highest quality we get some pretty good pics.
    You may want to check out , they review all types of
    electronics. Hope this helps!