Thursday, May 31, 2007

June Classes

So we sent out this email survey that asked all sorts of questions
about classes...what you like...what you don't like...what you would
like to see....what days and times are know, the
basics.  The response we got was AMAZING!  I had no idea that
we'd get so many responses.  And the ideas were really great!

Our staff mulled over all of your answers and came up with a June
class schedule that we think you'll like.  Of course, we couldn't
get all of the suggestions into one month, but we sure tried!  So
you'll see "Techniques" classes that are all about learning new
stuff...and you'll see an "Album Planning 101" class, which may be just
what you need to get that special album rarin' to go...and you'll see
"Fast & Easy Pages", which we've had before, but they're different
because while you'll be making a layout like ours, you'll be using paper
that you will pick out in class...same with the "Simple Concepts"
classes.  Our goal this month is to help you create great looking
pages that use lots of everyday photos your way.  For
example, the "Bubble Fun" layout is simply adorable, but you don't have
photos like that so it doesn't appeal to you.  Take the class &
you'll find that you will be able to pick the colors that compliment
your photos & create a title that suits your photos. 

Summer is in full swing now & our kids classes are, too!  Be
sure to check them out on the schedule.  They're just plain fun!

We'll see you soon!

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