Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Getting ready for inventory...

We're getting ready for inventory....which means we're cleaning up
the store and clearing out all sorts of odds & ends.  Great
products, just one or two of each left and time to replace it with
something else.  Usually, we have a Wednesday sale....this
Wednesday, we added more odds & ends to the 1/2 off tables.  We
added:  ribbon, stickers, alphabets, paper storage holders,
fastenator staples, crop cushions, and lots more!  Regurlar prices
are from .39 cents to $200.00, which makes for a GREAT DEAL at .20 cents
to $100.00!  We even added paper to our 1/2 off bin.

Kim & I have been working crazily today getting classes ready for
June.  I can tell you now, they're going to be FANTASTIC!  I
made 3 kids classes & I'm working on this adorable little beach
album...Kim made a great page with our former employee & my good
friend Rachel that is just great!  And one of her husband, Richard,
that's pretty fab, too!

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