Thursday, May 31, 2007

School's Out For Summer!


Kendall, Jocelyn & Leah...sixth graders no more.  Congratulations, girls!

June Classes

So we sent out this email survey that asked all sorts of questions
about classes...what you like...what you don't like...what you would
like to see....what days and times are know, the
basics.  The response we got was AMAZING!  I had no idea that
we'd get so many responses.  And the ideas were really great!

Our staff mulled over all of your answers and came up with a June
class schedule that we think you'll like.  Of course, we couldn't
get all of the suggestions into one month, but we sure tried!  So
you'll see "Techniques" classes that are all about learning new
stuff...and you'll see an "Album Planning 101" class, which may be just
what you need to get that special album rarin' to go...and you'll see
"Fast & Easy Pages", which we've had before, but they're different
because while you'll be making a layout like ours, you'll be using paper
that you will pick out in class...same with the "Simple Concepts"
classes.  Our goal this month is to help you create great looking
pages that use lots of everyday photos your way.  For
example, the "Bubble Fun" layout is simply adorable, but you don't have
photos like that so it doesn't appeal to you.  Take the class &
you'll find that you will be able to pick the colors that compliment
your photos & create a title that suits your photos. 

Summer is in full swing now & our kids classes are, too!  Be
sure to check them out on the schedule.  They're just plain fun!

We'll see you soon!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Graduation Projects

Here are a couple of great graduation projects using products from
the Art Blance line from EK Success.  They're
really great!  Enjoy!

121_3230 121_3229

Friday, May 25, 2007

And the lucky winner is....

Thank you to everyone who participated in our email survey about
classes!  Your ideas were FANTASTIC!  We've incorporated many
of them into our June class schedule, which will be ready next
week...keep an eye out for it!  Here's the winner of our survey
drawing, Roni:


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Needing your advice...

I have just GOT to get a new camera.  My poor, beat up digital
Kodak Easyshare is just not cutting it anymore.  All of my pictures
are blurry...which is no good when you own a scrapbook store!  I
have a SLR Nikkon N80 and heard that there is a digital version of it
that my lenses will fit...but I think that it's out of my price range
(almost free would be good!).  And I heard that the Cannon Rebel
was great, but which one?  So, what is your favorite point and
shoot digital camera?  I'll be checking out Consumer Reports...but
nothing beats a real world recommendation from my fantastic
readers!  Shoot me an email at or post a comment to the blog.  I really, really apprecitate it! 

Friday, May 18, 2007

Parties....Oh My!

Do you know that we do all kinds of parties at the store ? 
Birthday, bridal, girlfriends, basic scrapbooking, kids crafts, you name
it we can make a project for it.  We have a birthday party for 13
eight year olds today...and I just LOVE their project!  We let the
birthday girl pick out her favorite paper & then designed a 10 page
scrapbook for the party goers.  It is really.  This photo
doesn't do it me though, it's really cute! 


So if you're looking for a fun and different party alternative, give
us a call!  We'll design your party....anything from scrapbooks, to
cards, to mini albums, & MORE! 



I have a great employee that I'd like to tell you about.  Sherry
has been working with us for about a year now.  She mostly works
weekends because she has a "real" opposed to this one, which
is a "fun" job.  Anyway, she's fantastic!  She designs many of
our class pages and displays in the store.  It seems that there is
no end to her beautiful pages & ideas.  I really wanted to
feature her today because I think she's so great...I even took a picture
of her, just in case you're not sure who she is.  But I forgot to
put my SD card in my camera...and now I can't get her picture off my's one of those days.  So here are a couple of her
FANTASTIC additions to our displays & classes....they're simply wonderful!  Sherry, you're AWESOME!  100_3091

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Things I'm Lovin' Today

I was up at my normal time of 4:45 this morning for my daily walk with
my best bud, my husband & all of our dogs.    Yes, I know
it's early in the morning...very early.  Before the sun
comes up, actually.  But anyway, I found this walk to be most
inspiring.  I'm making a graduation cake for another best bud and I
was bouncing some ideas off of Audra.  The ideas in turn inspired
this AMAZING day for me!  I have sooo many FANTASTIC ideas for the
cake, for classes, for my family, for my house, just about
EVERYTHING!  Then I got ready for work and put on this cute little
dress that I got dirt cheap the other day and I felt FABULOUS!  Not
even my daughter's snarky remark about "why would you wear a dress
to work?" didn't bother me...a miracle in itself!  And then I
hopped in my cute little Mini Cooper & blasted my "Lord of the
Dance" soundtrack while I ran some errands.  Which in turn inspired
my blog today....10 things I'm Lovin' Today.  So here's my list
(subject to change daily!):

1. Kim:  Now what's not to love?  She's wildly
talented.  She's an excellent employee.  She's really fun to
be around!


2.  My Mini Cooper:  It makes me happy every single time I sit in it. 


3. A blueberry oat bar, a venti iced green tea & a FABULOUS idea
book....this one's all about how to use clear stamps...which are


4.  Clear stamps:  They take up way less room than
wood mounted stamps.  They're super easy to use & super easy
to store.  And the designs are hip & now....VERY fun!


5.  My Man in Uniform:  Something about that blue uniform makes my heart skip a beat...even after 18 years together.  Wooohooo!


6.  My Xyron 900 with the permanent adhesive cartridge
There are many things I love about this but the one I just discovered
that you can run transparency through it and it looks FANTASTIC when
stuck down on a page...or mini book as in this case.  It's great
for big stuff...little stuff, too, but I like to conserve it as much as
possible.  Love it!  Love it!  Love it!


7.  This incredibly fat cat I saw this morning:


8.  Groovy Reading Glasses:  We just got in these
funky reading glasses from Art Wear.  Love them!  Some are
hand painted....some are just cool.  And at $15 bucks, not a bad


9.  New Flower Dies for QuicKutz Revolution:  I just love this flower....used it on a scrapbook for a birthday party we're having at the store and it's just pure FUN!


10.  Herma Tabs & Dotto Dispensers:  We just got in these dispensers that come with a free refill...saves you $7.  Killer deal!


And here's my killer, cheap it!  It's super comfy
and you can wad it up in a ball & it still looks good.  Now,
that's my kind of dress!  My mother told me I look like I have
cleavage.  I've never had that problem....when I looked at the
picture, I saw that the subtle shading from my trip to the Caribbean is
enhancing my cleavage.  Whatever works, right?


Have a lovely day!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Getting ready for inventory...

We're getting ready for inventory....which means we're cleaning up
the store and clearing out all sorts of odds & ends.  Great
products, just one or two of each left and time to replace it with
something else.  Usually, we have a Wednesday sale....this
Wednesday, we added more odds & ends to the 1/2 off tables.  We
added:  ribbon, stickers, alphabets, paper storage holders,
fastenator staples, crop cushions, and lots more!  Regurlar prices
are from .39 cents to $200.00, which makes for a GREAT DEAL at .20 cents
to $100.00!  We even added paper to our 1/2 off bin.

Kim & I have been working crazily today getting classes ready for
June.  I can tell you now, they're going to be FANTASTIC!  I
made 3 kids classes & I'm working on this adorable little beach
album...Kim made a great page with our former employee & my good
friend Rachel that is just great!  And one of her husband, Richard,
that's pretty fab, too!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mother's Day Wishes

Andi1_2 This is my favorite picture of you.  Happy Mother's Day, Mom.  I love you!

Photo circa 1985.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

True to our word...

True to our word...we've been adding stuff to the 50% off area
everyday this's AMAZING!  Be sure to check by frequently
to see what we've added....rubber stamps, stickers, brads, eyelets,
xyron, markers, tombow pens, magazines, paper, chipboard...ohhhh, and
we've decided to take another 50% off our clearance area!  And the
QuicKutz?  The sale is AMAZING, too!  Check it out often for
the best deals....the sale runs through 5/31/07.  (And then we have
to do inventory....can you imagine counting all of that paper??? 
Neither can we!  Holy cow!)

Much Ado About Organization

have it on good authority from my friend Audra, who by her own
definition is an organizational freak, this book is AWESOME!  And
we just got them in....

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


We've decided that one day just isn't enough to celebrate National
Scrapbook Day, so we've decided to celebrate it for the whole month of
May!  What does this mean to you?  Well, we're making room for
new products, which means there are killer deals to be had on the stuff
we're moving out!  We've put lots of stuff 50% off....markers,
stamps, brass templates, xyron, stickers, embellishments, and
QuicKutz.  For the entire month of May, these items are 50%
off!  (limited to stock on hand, cannot be combined with any other
discount or coupon, but you knew that).  AND, everyday, we're
adding to the sale tables!  So stop in often to see what's
up!  (Since these pictures were taken, even more product has been

100_3049 100_3057 100_3059 100_3058

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Fun, Fun & More Fun!

Here's what's happening for National Scrapbook won't want to miss it!

*Join us for a FREE Midnight Madness on Friday, May 4th from 6 pm to
Midinight.  (Please call and reserve your spot....only those with
reservations can attend.)

*On Friday & Saturday only your 10% off punch card coupons are
worth 40% off the regular price of any single, in stock item. 
Don't have a coupon?  Print one out from the "Coupons" header to
the right.

*Saturday, we'll be open from 8 am to 4 pm and we'll be doing FREE
demonstrations of all sorts of great products and tools.  Have
something that you've wondered about how to use?  Just ask &
we'll show you how!

*We'll have special sales on Friday & Saturday....they'll be different each day!

*Plus, we'll have special door prize drawings and give aways both days!

See you all soon!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

What's Happening....

May is a crazy month for scrapbook stores.  National Scrapbook
Day is Saturday, May 5th and we've decided to celebrate it all
month.  Keep your eye on our blog to see what we're up to....I have
many, many plans!  You never know when I might post a coupon or
special....or let you know about free make-n-takes & demos at the

During the month of May, we are offering 17 classes for $10.00 each
(plus, two midnight madnesses).  When you take any combination of
$10 classes from May 8th through May 31st we'll give you a FREE 12x12
Making Memories scrapbook!  Isn't that amazing?  After 10
classes, you'll have that album 1/2 way full!  If there is a class
that you want to take but isn't at a convenient time for you, you may
purchase a class kit for $10.00 and it will count towards your free

I'm still jet lagged (2 days later I still feel like I'm on a
ship...go figure) so I don't have everything posted yet.  But
here's what I do have ready:  photos of the classes are posted to
the right.  We have printed schedules for May at the store. 
All of the classes are up for display.  The AM&M girls worked
really hard while I was gone & made tons of graduation samples...and
even more samples using that new, way cool Art Blanche line that we
just got in.

Ohhhh....and the Wednesday sale for May 2nd is....drum roll,
please....40% off all in stock QuicKutz, Lasting Impressions and an
additional 40% off all clearance!  There are some serious deals to
be had on Wednesday!




Cruisin' the Caribbean

100_2786 It's been a little while since my last post...took a vacation with my friend Kim100_3022_2 was FABULOUS!  I went on a cruise for scrapbook store
owners.  Met lots of wonderful store owners from the midwest &
east coast.  And I got to see some great sights in the Western