Sunday, April 8, 2007


118_2657 I've got to work on the blurry camera thing....

Tessa is Audra's "niece".  Well, not really, but she's been best
buds with Tessa's mom since, well, pre-school.  Tessa wants to be a
model....and wants to be on the internet.  So here is the
beautiful Tessa!


  1. Thank you for making a wish for Tessa come true! You are the BEST!
    Enjoyed myself immensley, and thanks for sharing the Champagne with me -
    it would be embarassing to admit to drinking it all myself. LOVE the
    Hunter Dog photo - may I have a copy? See you soon - A

  2. Do you realize that under the About tab, owner is mispelled? Thought
    you would like to know.