Thursday, April 12, 2007

Check out the new stuff!

Here are a couple of the new items we've gotten in.  The "b"
& "e" letters are very 18" for the "b"!  And
they're only 5 bucks!  They would look really great mounted on a
wall with your last name, the word "family", or any other word that
works for your family.  I am planning on making mine say "sea" and
adding smaller letters to it so it says "by the sea" (I have a huge
facination with all things beach & ocean).  The "y" & "o"
letters are smaller, about 8" tall but are dimensional...aka,
chunky.  They would stand on a mantle (hey, can do your
"BLAIR" now!)  I was thinking they would be so cool if you blew up
photos to 8x10 & put them on the letters....just an idea. 
Ohhh, and there are numbers for both sets.  Can you picture a big
"2007" as a centerpiece for a graduation party.  And now on to the
Muppet's.  Did you know my husbands nickname is fozziebear? 
Had to get the Muppets!  And now we have Phoenix Sun's
Jolee's...very cool!  So, there's even more....this is just a

118_2759 118_2760 118_2761 118_2762

1 comment:

  1. Maybe as the first year recognition for the party Jeff and I threw last
    September, I'll do their last name in these new letters covered with
    photos from the party. Hmmm, better get cracking on it now!