Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Change is good!

My day typically starts with a HUGE to do list.  Things that have to
be  Not Did I start on my to do
list today?  Nope.  I decided to move a few things
around.  I had new product to put out, so I thought I'd just move a
couple of things. Well, 5 hours later, there's more to be moved
around.  It seems to spiral out of control.  But I'm having so
much fun moving stuff....checking out what we have (and don't
have)...thinking that the chipboard pieces will look much better over, over there...then I suck my mom into the game, all while Kim
& Allison are doing markdowns.  And what do we have?  A
whole new graduation/school/sports area!  Oh, and a whole new
family/doctor/religion area.  And let's not forget the re-vamped
travel area (see, I told you...out of control!)  Looks pretty
great, too!  Change is good....and it's pretty fun, too!

The new stuff that sparked all this movement is just
great!  We have the new Pashima, Aloha & Chocolate Bunny lines
from Rusty Pickle.  And these adoarable chipobard kits that
include:  a box to decorate, an accordion album, and 3 sheets of
chipboard shapes from Fancy Pants Desgins (I love that company!). 
And the best thing?  They're only 13 bucks!  Amazing! 
Ohhhhh, and there is new stuff from Making Memories, which is always
good.  And some new rubber stamps from favorite
says "with enough caffeine I could rule the world" (ask my family about
that one!).

Check out our Wednesday sale tomorrow....all of our Lasting
Impressions brass templates & 8 1/2 x11 papers are on sale...30%
off...their paper is great for cards, dry embossing, stamping, &
yes, scrapbooking.  The patterns are easy on the eyes. 

Kim made these the other day...totally cute!  The little girl with the pumpkins?  Her name is Kirsten...Store_stuff_001_2lucky girl :)!Store_stuff_002_1 Store_stuff_003   

Here's Kim, spreading a little sunshine, as only she can!  She's
soooo fun to work with!  Love her dearly!  She's always on
the all the pictures are a little blurry...I'll have to work
on that!

Hey!  If you see her picture on the blog, let her know.  I'll keep it a secret for now....

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