Thursday, March 22, 2007

No Foolin'

So every year for April Fool's Day we have a "No Foolin' It's All on
Sale" sale.  This year is no exception.  The sale is Thursday,
March 29th through Saturday, March 31st and we truly put everthing on
sale.  Now you might think you should wait to come in until the
sale.  But that's not the case.  We're busy marking stuff down every single day
(early birds get pick of the litter!).  Of course, there are some
"event" only sale prices...ah, but the things we mark down on the
countdown to the sale....facinating!  This year we're going through all of our past
classes, display pages, rubber stamps, fixtures (which will be just
PERFECT for any home scrapbooking room!), and really, whatever else we
can find
  The store room is just bulging at
the seams and it's time to part with some of our fabulous
treasures.  That's great for you!  So keep on coming by and
check out the multitude of treasures we have waiting for you!


Finally...we're done with the April classes.  It's so much fun
to create them...we hope you enjoy them!  Check out the April
Classes photo album to the right on the blog.  Unfortunately, they
aren't in any particular order.  I haven't figured out how to do
that yet....but I'm working on it!  Each class picture has a class
title, date, time & price.  The printed schedule should be done
next week.

We have an exciting National Scrapbook Day event coming up! 
We're having a 48 hour fun is that?!  You can scrapbook
around the clock from Friday, May 4th at 3:00 pm to Sunday, May 6th at
3:00 pm.  Cost is $125 and includes:  munchies, a couple of
meals, make-n-takes, prizes, contests & games.   We'll
have someone here to help you around the clock.  Sign up now to
reserve your space!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Lucky Me

I just love this page....hope it inspires you to create....


All Day Croppers

Here are Betty & Diana enjoying their All Day Crop in their St. Patrick's Day finery....

114_2591 114_2592

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Princess Purse

This is for all those that requested pictures of this adorable purse be put on the blog.  Enjoy!114_2589 114_2585

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Change is good!

My day typically starts with a HUGE to do list.  Things that have to
be  Not Did I start on my to do
list today?  Nope.  I decided to move a few things
around.  I had new product to put out, so I thought I'd just move a
couple of things. Well, 5 hours later, there's more to be moved
around.  It seems to spiral out of control.  But I'm having so
much fun moving stuff....checking out what we have (and don't
have)...thinking that the chipboard pieces will look much better over, over there...then I suck my mom into the game, all while Kim
& Allison are doing markdowns.  And what do we have?  A
whole new graduation/school/sports area!  Oh, and a whole new
family/doctor/religion area.  And let's not forget the re-vamped
travel area (see, I told you...out of control!)  Looks pretty
great, too!  Change is good....and it's pretty fun, too!

The new stuff that sparked all this movement is just
great!  We have the new Pashima, Aloha & Chocolate Bunny lines
from Rusty Pickle.  And these adoarable chipobard kits that
include:  a box to decorate, an accordion album, and 3 sheets of
chipboard shapes from Fancy Pants Desgins (I love that company!). 
And the best thing?  They're only 13 bucks!  Amazing! 
Ohhhhh, and there is new stuff from Making Memories, which is always
good.  And some new rubber stamps from favorite
says "with enough caffeine I could rule the world" (ask my family about
that one!).

Check out our Wednesday sale tomorrow....all of our Lasting
Impressions brass templates & 8 1/2 x11 papers are on sale...30%
off...their paper is great for cards, dry embossing, stamping, &
yes, scrapbooking.  The patterns are easy on the eyes. 

Kim made these the other day...totally cute!  The little girl with the pumpkins?  Her name is Kirsten...Store_stuff_001_2lucky girl :)!Store_stuff_002_1 Store_stuff_003   

Here's Kim, spreading a little sunshine, as only she can!  She's
soooo fun to work with!  Love her dearly!  She's always on
the all the pictures are a little blurry...I'll have to work
on that!

Hey!  If you see her picture on the blog, let her know.  I'll keep it a secret for now....

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Feelin' the scrapbookin' bug today...

I just made this page today using Scenic Route's new paper line.  I
LOVE IT!  The paper is sooo cool!  It reminds me of beachy
stuff...but since I live in Flagstaff & not on the beach (my
ulitmate dream) I used pictures of my daughter & her best
friend.  I don't think you can see the faint starburust pattern on
the white person it really sets it apart. 114_2575_1 this is pretty darn cute, too.  It's cardstock, print
paper from Carolee's Creations, and Star Coasters from Gin X.  The
kid in the picture is my sweet nephew, Ray.  (I just love
him!)  Anyway, now my brother & Kris have a "Ray In The Box"
and a bun in the oven...hee!  hee!

This one is my brother & Ray.  Dave started taking guitar
lessons.  Apparently, Ray really enjoys them!  The paper is
white cardstock with some new Basic Grey as the border...and we got
these really cool stamps from Fancy Pants...absolutely LOVE them! 
Ohhh..and the brads...they're really little button shaped brads. 
Very cool! 

Friday, March 2, 2007

Today I visited a friend in the hospital...

Today I visited a friend in the hospital.  She's a married 32
year old mother of 2 young boys...and she has breast cancer.  You
would not expect her to get cancer.  She's really healthy,
exercises, runs marathons.  She's AMAZING!  I don't know what I
expected when I went to visit...but it certainly wasn't the positive,
upbeat, smiling woman I saw.  She looked AMAZING.  Not like
she'd just had a double mastectomy on Wednesday.  As I am sitting
here typing this, the feelings that come to mind are...don't take a
single thing for granted.  Make sure you live each day to the
fullest.  Enjoy EVERYTHING.  Cherish EVERYTHING.  I also
find myself reinvigorated for the Breast Cancer 3 Day 90 mile walk that I
signed up for a few months ago.  The walk isn't until November so I
haven't started training.  I haven't started my donation
drive.  Until today, I hadn't found my motivation.  Well, here
it is.  I'm walking for LW, my friend.  I'm walking for a
cure.  I'm walking for those who can't.  This is my second
time walking this event.  The first time, I was motivated for the
physical aspect of it...the walking.  When I got there, I was
overwhelmed by all of the breast cancer survivors...all of the family
walking for lost loved ones.  Now, it's me who has someone to walk
for.  So if you would like to make a donation or even join our team
click on the link on the side of the blog.  You won't regret it!